Today! Two Facebook LIVE Events With Terry Brooks!

Hi Devoted Readers,

It’s Monday. I’m drinking my coffee. I’m sitting at my computer and my moor cat’s tail is whacking the keyboard.

That sounds like every other Monday usually. But today is a bit different. Later today, I am driving over to Terry’s house and at 3:00 pm PDT we will be conducting a Facebook Live Q&A with you — the fans!

Don’t know what a Facebook Live event is? Today at 3:00 pm PDT, I will be logging into Terry’s Facebook page and launching a Facebook Live. It will be a live video from Terry’s house using my iPhone. The camera will be pointed at him. And for at least an hour but if not longer, you can type your questions into the live feed on Facebook and I will ask them of him. It is a way for those of you who have never met him to ask a question.

But that isn’t all. Later tonight at 7:00 PDT, the University Book Store in Seattle, WA hosts Terry for the launch of The Black Elfstone, Book One of The Fall of Shannara. It is Terry’s only event for the book besides the Cannon Beach, OR event on June 24. Since it is a special night — and a day earlier than the book’s actual publication date — I will Facebook Live the event from Terry’s Facebook page as well. So his readers all over the world can watch him.

And why do you want to do that? He is an amazing speaker, first and foremost, and worth the time to watch him. He always reads from an unpublished book, avoiding spoilers of course. That means he could read from Book 2 in The Fall of Shannara or maybe the secret SF book we have planned at Grim Oak Press. And then he takes questions from the audience, which is always fun.

I hope that you will take part in these Facebook Lives!

As a side note, for you Landover fans out there, the University Book Store has about 40 copies of Unbound, my anthology that features a new Magic Kingdom short story with Ben Holiday and the G’Home Gnomes. It takes place after A Princess of Landover and is as hilarious as you’d expect. The copies are signed by five or six contributors including Terry and if you order today he will personalize the book if you wish!

Shipping is free within the US. The University Book Store phone number is (206) 634-3400. Ask for bookseller Duane Wilkins, who will likely be in late morning/early afternoon. He will take care of you.

Looking forward to later today! I love doing these Facebook Lives!

And remember: The Black Elfstone publishes tomorrow! Check your local bookstore today because they might have gotten their copies early!

Happy Reading!

Shawn Speakman
The WebDruid Who Is Bald And Loving It

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  1. Have been a big fan since 77 when “The Sword of Shannara” was published. Just finished “The Black Elfstone”. A great read. Now waiting! Use to read the books in one sitting. Now , I savour the read and spread it out over a few days. Thanks for all the great reads.

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