Title & Release Date For Book 2 of The Fall of Shannara

The Black Elfstone published in June to acclaim and bittersweet emotion.

Because it is the first book in the chronological-ending four-volume series titled The Fall of Shannara. That’s right, it is the beginning of the end for the fantasy series that has spanned forty years of writing for Terry Brooks.

That beginning continues next year in The Skaar Invasion, Book 2 of The Fall of Shannara. The second book takes the events at the end of The Black Elfstone and ramps up the conflict and the action for our beleaguered heroes. Pieces are moving around on the chessboard known as the Four Lands and kings will fall.

Here is the first information about The Skaar Invasions:

Following The Black Elfstone, the second book of the epic four-part conclusion to the Shannara series from one of the acknowledged masters of the fantasy genre.

Tensions in the Four Lands are high. The mysterious force that laid waste to Paranor has revealed a more human face. While some gain a new understanding of the invaders and what they are after, others continue their existing quests even as the peril rises. For what looked to be a formidable invading force proves only the forerunner of a much vaster army–one that is now marching against the Four Lands in all its fury.

The Skaar Invasion has a tentative release date of May 15, 2018. There is no cover yet but when it is revealed, we will be sharing it.

More news when we know it!


One response to “Title & Release Date For Book 2 of The Fall of Shannara”


    So the end of Shannara edges a little closer. Only one place I can think of where an army this size originates from and why they want to destroy the Four Lands. Also have a gut feeling that the leader of these invaders, this young woman, may in fact not be very young at all.

    If this young woman is who I think it is, then maybe her plan of action is now is to use the Black Elfstone to negate the magic of the Ellcrys away from the tree and gain control of that magic herself, but we shall see. That being said, my predictions have been totally wrong in the past anyhow.

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