BrooksBlog: The Shannara Chronicles Season Finale Tomorrow!

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick reminder that the two-hour season finale of The Shannara Chronicles airs on SPIKE this Wednesday, November 22, at 9/8c. Yeah, that’s tomorrow, and if you have plans for that evening, maybe you can record and watch later. It is a bang-up finish with some real shockers and a lot of action. We are obviously hopeful, all of us involved directly with the show as well as all of you who have enjoyed watching it this season, that it will do well enough to get picked up for next year. So whether it’s SPIKE, DVR or live – On Demand, YouTube or whatever, do your best to help us out. We are just hitting our stride and hope we have found a stable home. Tell your friends, relatives, enemies and your pets – this is the big one.

Will be looking forward to seeing many of you on the road next year and I hope we can celebrate the return of Shannara Chronicles together.

All good magic, Terry.

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  1. Was there a conscious, deliberate effort to eliminate every bit of excitement from the books? Hadeshorn – calm pond. Heaven’s Well – calm pool in a cave. The sword – dull, plain piece of tin. Even last season, every exciting scene from the books was either drastically changed or – in the case of the ENTIRE WAR – removed completely.

  2. Just finished watching the season finale of season 2 and after enjoying the season up until the last episode, found that after killing off of certain characters I don’t think I will watch if there is a next season. Very disappointed in the season finale.

    • Agreed, this has very little resemblance to the wonderful books I read. Disappointed does not come close to how bad I think the Series season 2 was. PATHETIC! Shane on Terry Brooks for allowing the Shannara name to be attached to such crap. I had hoped for a Lord of the Rings quality movie. I doubt that will ever happen now that this series has dammed the Shannara name.


    As a devoted reader since the day Wishsong was published I have to say that this series mastered the essence of the books. It cannot ever be as good as the books, but as a companion it is excellent.

    There must be a Season 3! Eretria must find redemption, Allanon and Wil must be freed from the Forbidding (good thing Eretria still has one Mordwraith in her).

    As history repeats itself in The Fall and the chronological end of Shannara comes to pass I am eager to find what comes next.

    Congratulations Mr. Brooks on the Lifetime award and on this jewel!

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