BrooksBlog: A Few Loose Ends – Part 1

I’m a little late getting around to talking about ECCC in Seattle due to any number of things I am quite sure you don’t care to hear about. I want to thank the staff and organizers of this year’s epic event. At least where I was concerned, everything was well organized and handled. I had no trouble finding my way to my assigned posts, and the staff who worked the panel and spotlight events were right on top of things.

But most of all, I have to tell those of you of were able to attend that it was really good to see you there. Everyone was effusive and interested, and we had some excellent stories, remembrances and questions. A few teachers and librarians voiced concerns regarding my work, always because they are clearly dedicated professionals in search of answers to hard questions. More than a couple of those concerns revolved around getting kids to read and keep reading. I am looking into this with fresh eyes, given the nature of the ideas expressed so I hope to be able to expand my work in new directions in the days ahead.

Readers, you are the best. Judine said it years ago, and I am the most fortunate of writers to have your support. Don’t think for one minute that I will ever forget what you have given me.

More soon. Stay tuned.


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  1. You are a amazing guy. I really appreciate your gratitude, and it shows me that that is obviously one of the secrets of being great, which I’m recently learning and attempting to master. Its very encouraging to see someone i look up to in this field display this characteristic on a routine basis. Thank you for your example!

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