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Terry Brooks
For many years the only chance a fan had of speaking to Terry was to meet him at tour events or conventions.

With the establishment of this website in 2000, Terry began accepting two questions from each fan per month. On the last day of the month, five questions are randomly drawn. Terry answers these five questions and they are posted monthly for your enjoyment.

Below are the questions selected from September 2017 and Terry’s answers! Enjoy!

Note: This section may contain spoilers!


Dear Readers,

Apologies for falling away from Ask Terry for several months now, but we will make it all up to you over the next 60 days. I’ve been hard at work on the next Shannara book (for 2019) and on a new book that could be the start of a new series, but will at least be one book coming out this October 2018. More on that shortly in a blog online. So for now . . .

Brian Carroll writes: Will the ‘different’ story in Season Two of the Shannara Chronicles be novelized? If so, will it be novelized by someone other than yourself?

Terry Brooks replies: No one but me is allowed to do anything in the Shannara world with regard to fresh novels. So, no, there will be no novelization. The TV Show for Season Two was entirely the creation of the writers, so it all ends there. Got too many other irons in the fire (read above) to be doing any novelizing.

Antonio writes: I always believed that Landover and Shannara series take place in the same “world,” am I mistaken? If they do, have you ever thought about linking the two series together with a new book?

Terry Brooks replies: They do not take place in the same world except that the world Ben Holiday comes from and the world of the Genesis cycle in Shannara are the same – our own world. I used our world for the Word & Void series, as well. But I don’t have plans to link Shannara and Magic Kingdom. These two series will remain forever separate and apart. Tone-wise and story-wise, they are just too different to try to connect.

Alec Brownie writes: In Landover, will we ever see other worlds connected to the fairy mists, like were hinted at in The Black Unicorn (each unicorn having been intended to visit another world). I’d love to know what they’re like.

Terry Brooks replies: Me, too, Alec. But I just haven’t gotten around to it so far. However, a new Magic K book is planned from 2021, so by then maybe I’ll come up with something. At least you have given me something to think about. Thanks!

Matt Legaspi writes: I recently reread your Word and Void trilogy again and am rereading the Genesis trilogy. I think what made it feel so unique to read was the inevitable sense of fatalism that the Knights felt about the end of the world and magic that was so reminiscent of Shannara. Do you think you might ever write additional sequels in the time frame between “Word and Void” and “Genesis?”

Terry Brooks replies: Lately, after years of insisting I would never write anything again in the Word & Void series, I have been playing around with a few ideas. So there is at least a chance that something will show up eventually. I don’t think it will be directly connected to the first Word & Void series character-wise or that it will be a sequel, but I guess I’ll just have to see how it comes together.

Drew writes: I just listened to Magic Kingdom For Sale–Sold on audiobook. It was compelling and am waiting for The Black Unicorn to arrive. I know you released those before I was even born but damn that was a good book. Whatever happened with the movie allegedly going on? Is that still a thing?

Terry Brooks replies: Weirdly, it still is. The project has been through many bumps and hurdles to end up still waiting for a fairy god-mother to make it happen. All of our people from five years ago are on board to do it, but the studios keep putting us off. We are searching for a new venue and a director at present. Last I heard, Steve Carell was still on board to play Ben Holiday. So hope springs eternal in the world of Landover! More when I know more, but I have learned how slowly things move in La-La Land.

Back shortly with October!

Magic Always,

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