BrooksBlog: Tour Thank You – Part 1

Dear Readers,

I want to take a few moments to thank all of you who took the time and spent the effort to come visit with me while I was on the road in Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida and Georgia. So many stories did you tell me, all so personal and wonderful. Stories of when and how you first came to read my work. Stories of how they impacted you when you did and how they impact you still. Stories of personal struggles overcome with the help off my books. I know this happens for all authors.

But when it happens to me, I feel so grateful and humbled. Writers write to find an audience and to hope that their stories mean something more than a few hours or days spent reading the books. I have always been very fortunate to achieve that goal. You cannot imagine how much it means to me – how energized and revitalized I am by the time I get home again. Having someone tell you that they didn’t read until they read one of your books is a gift you can never repay.

But you do so by writing something else, knowing it makes a difference in the world – albeit a small one. I love what I do, but visiting with readers and hearing their stories of involvement with my work is a validation I can only wish for everyone in one way or another.

Thanks again to one and all. It was amazing.


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