Street Freaks Cover & Chapter One Reveal On io9

Grim Oak Press Limited Edition
It’s a great year to be a Terry Brooks fan!

First, The Skaar Invasion, Book 2 of The Fall of Shannara, publishes on June 19 with Del Rey Books! And it’s great. It really ramps up the tension from the first book and pushes the chronological-ending Shannara story toward its huge climax in Book 3 and 4. Plus it features one of my favorite Brooks characters, Drisker Arc!

Then Grim Oak Press will be e-publishing a new Word/Void novella in September. I cannot share more details about it but it’s a story Terry has been wanting to tell for a while now and it is time to return to that mythos. Terry will reveal more on this sometime in July.

And then Street Freaks! Terry’s first foray into SF thrillerdom publishes October 9. It is a rare book, a new direction for Terry but it also still feels like a BrooksBook. To celebrate it, io9 has revealed the trade hardcover cover and the first chapter, along with a few more details about the book from Terry!

Details on io9 here:

The retail and limited edition are now available for pre-order too!

Retail Edition:
– Amazon:
– B&N:

Limited Edition, with cover illustration by the amazing Marc Simonetti:
– Grim Oak Press:

We hope you enjoy the early look for Street Freaks!



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