The Skaar Invasion Published TODAY!

It is that time, Shannara fans!

Today is the US release date for The Skaar Invasion, Book 2 of The Fall of Shannara. It is the next installment in the four-book series that chronologically concludes the series the way Terry has always imagined. In The Black Elfstone, Terry set up the main players and placed the Four Lands in the most dire of conflicts.

Now, in The Skaar Invasion, he has set fire to the world and the people in it. And nothing will be the same again.

Here is more about The Skaar Invasion:

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The Four Lands are under siege. Wielding a magical ability virtually impossible to combat, mysterious invaders defeat the most fearsome Troll armies, then focus their savagery on the Druid order—and all hope seems lost.

Eventually the invaders reveal a more human face, but understanding their motives in no way mitigates the brutality of their actions. Dar Leah, once the High Druid’s Blade, has crossed paths—and swords—with their ruthless leader before. So he knows that if any hope exists, it rests in the hands of the Druid Drisker Arc, now trapped inside vanished Paranor.

As Drisker races to find the ancient knowledge that could free him, Dar goes in search of Tarsha Kaynin, the young woman blessed with the powerful gift of the wishsong, whose magic could draw Drisker back into the world of the living. But little do they know that what appeared to be a formidable invading force may only be the forerunner of a much larger army—one intent on nothing less than total conquest.

Terry is touring for the release of The Skaar Invasion. You can see his event details HERE! Definitely check it out since he may be coming near you! And if he isn’t, feel free to order a signed copy of The Skaar Invasion at The Signed Page! Shipping now!

Happy Shannara Release Day!


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