In Stores: Street Freaks


“I didn’t expect it to become, ‘Just one more chapter and I’ll turn out the light, dear.’ But it did. Street Freaks is a completely engrossing story.”—Robin Hobb

“To say Terry Brooks was one of the most influential authors on me as an aspiring writer is an understatement. His legacy continues in Street Freaks, a thriller both incredibly different from and equally epic to Brooks’ past work. Brace yourselves for a wild, dark, and imaginative ride.”—Marie Lu

“Unforgiving suspense, constant paranoia, a future of ruthless mega-companies, and a young man caught in multiple conspiracies with friends and foes. Totally gripping, totally tense!”—Tamora Pierce

“The present-tense prose style lends immediacy to the action as the most urgent questions keep shifting. The answers speak to Brooks’s (The Sword of Shannara) exploration of what makes us human—and what makes us loyal. VERDICT: SF fans will applaud this fast-paced thriller, which has enough espionage, mystery, and dystopian elements to satisfy readers in these related genres.”Library Journal

“After his extremely popular (and massive) Shannara series of heroic fantasy novels, Brooks takes an unexpected turn to a smooth standalone near-future dystopia… Brooks efficiently mixes teen angst with fast, cinematic action.”Publishers Weekly

“Fans of Brooks who are curious how the fantasy master deals with a science-fiction world should like this one.” Booklist


It begins with a dire call—right before his father disappears and his skyscraper home’s doors explode inward. It is the kind of thrilling futuristic story only New York Times bestselling author Terry Brooks can tell.

“Go into the Red Zone. Go to Street Freaks.” his father directs Ashton Collins before the vid feed goes suddenly silent. The Red Zone is the dangerous heart of mega-city Los Angeles; it is a world Ash is forbidden from and one he knows little about. But if he can find Street Freaks, the strangest of aid awaits—human and barely human alike. As Ash is hunted, he must unravel the mystery left behind by his father and discover his role in this new world.

Brooks has long been the grandmaster of fantasy. Now he turns his hand to science fiction filled with what his readers love best: complex characters, extraordinary settings, exciting action, and a page-turning story. Through it, Brooks reimagines his bestselling career yet again.


As Terry Brooks is fond of saying, Street Freaks is a five-year labor of love. It is a story that is quite different for him, a science fiction futuristic thriller. Yet it is still a BrooksBook like others before it, featuring the same imaginative storytelling, action-packed pacing, and complex characters struggling in a world that is altogether dangerous. If I were in an elevator pitching it to a Hollywood executive, I’d say, Street Freaks is Armageddon’s Children meets Blade Runner.” Read Chapter One to see for yourself!


Fan-favorite illustrator and Chesley Award-nominee Marc Simonetti has contributed eleven (11) interior pieces of artwork to Street Freaks, bringing it to life under the direction of its author. This will be the first book since 1985’s The Wishsong of Shannara that has interior artwork throughout its pages—at no additional cost to the reader.


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