Amazon Books Picks Street Freaks As Highly Anticipated

Publishing: October 2, 2018
Amazon Books selected Street Freaks as one of 15 Highly Anticipated SF&F Books for Fall!

This is exciting! I’ve been able to see the publication path for Street Freaks from the time Terry started writing it all the way to this moment where I’m handling marketing and publicity for its October 2nd release. It is a giddy feeling to see a book like this come to fruition and head toward publication. Especially when it is something like Street Freaks — a wholly new form of fiction for Terry Brooks.

I’m reminded of Running with the Demon. When that book published, Terry’s fans largely dismissed it. It wasn’t Shannara, something very different — therefore it’s not something to be read. But the years have proven how special the Word/Void series truly is. The same is true of Street Freaks, SF but still a BrooksBook.

This is what Amazon Books had to say about Street Freaks:

“I swear, I never get on a bus in Seattle without seeing someone who is reading a Terry Brooks book. This fall, Brooks releases his first science fiction novel, Street Freaks, about a teen chased by government officials into a lawless part of town. Ash finds refuge with a bunch of “freaks,” people who have gone through various major or minor augmentations, and uncovers a world hidden from his previously privileged life. Action and heroism intertwine as Ash tries to figure out where he stands and what he should do. Available October 2″

Terry is in great company on that Amazon Books list. Charlaine Harris. George R. R. Martin. James S. A. Corey. N.K. Jemisin. William Gibson. Martha Wells. Just to name a few!

Pre-order Street Freaks now!

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