Terry Brooks & Allanon Join Unfettered III

Unfettered III just grew by one author! And a Druid!

Yesterday, I announced the line-up for the new anthology and pre-order links. You can see those details HERE.

What I did not announce yesterday was the fact that I was after a Terry Brooks contribution to Unfettered III, one people have been asking about for a long time. After getting the legal okay from Del Rey Books, Terry decided to submit the short story “Allanon’s Quest.” It is a prequel to The Sword of Shannara where the Druid is seeking the last descendants of House Shannara. And it has only ever been released as an ebook, to the consternation of those who do not read electronically.

I can share that “Allanon’s Quest” will be the opening short story to Unfettered III! That makes an absolute bevy of talented Del Rey authors in the anthology alongside some of the best authors working in SF&F. Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson, Naomi Novik, Megan Lindholm, Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson, Mark Lawrence, Tad Williams, Seanan McGuire and so many more! There are several editions of Unfettered III for those of you interested: trade hardcover, signed and numbered hardcover, a hardcover ARC that will be released two months early and limited to 250 copies, an ebook, and an audiobook with Audible.

When the book publishes, Grim Oak Press will donate proceeds to Grim Oak Shield, the non-profit that helps alleviate medical debt for authors and artists in need. In short, this is a great anthology with a wonderful mission filled with talented people.

Hope you will join Allanon on his quest! It’s not going to go as well as he hoped!

Your WebDruid,
Shawn Speakman

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