Warrior Is Published! New Word/Void Available Now!

Today sees the ebook publication of Warrior by Terry Brooks!

I know I’m not the only one excited about this. The Word and the Void trilogy is my favorite set of Brooks books. And for a long time, Terry said he’d never return to that setting, having accomplished everything he had set out to do with those characters and that setting. That changed last year when he had a great idea, one he couldn’t ignore.

What is Warrior though beyond a return to the Word/Void? First, Warrior is a direct sequel to Imaginary Friends, a short story found in the hardcover/ebook anthology Unfettered. Imaginary Friends is the story of Jack McCall, a boy who has been stricken with a terrible disease but who finds the magic inside himself to battle it. It is set in Sinnissippi Park, features Pick and his owl Daniel, and much of the story is used as the eventual foundation for Running with the Demon. Warrior continues the story of adult Jack McCall as he is called upon by the Word once more. You do not have to read Imaginary Friends to enjoy Warrior though.

The Word/Void novella is much longer than a short story, about 1/3 the size of a normal Brooks book. It is illustrated inside and out by Donato Giancola. It is only available as an ebook until it joins the short story collection that Terry will publish in the future. You can order Warrior from Grim Oak Press as a MOBI (Kindle), EPUB (Nook, Kobo, etc.), or PDF (PDF is good for those of you who do not have an e-reader and who want to print it off). You can also order from the usual suspects: Amazon (Kindle), B&N (Nook), Kobo, Apple Books, etc.

Happy Warrior release to you Word/Void fans out there! The Lady is waiting for you!

Best Magic,
Shawn Speakman

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