Street Freaks Is Published Today!

Published Today!
Dear Readers,

It has been forty years since the publication of The Sword of Shannara. Since then, I have written thirty-seven books of fantasy, a memoir, two movie adaptations, and a bunch of short stories. But I am trying something new. Because Street Freaks is not a part of my other series or even a fantasy of the sort I have always written.

Street Freaks is a story of a future in which the United States no longer exists in its present form. At its epicenter is Ash Collins, a boy whose comfortable life is turned upside down in minutes, forcing him to flee for his life. In the process of saving himself, he discovers the world of the Red Zone, a forbidden part of the city to which his father has sent him. There he will encounter some very different kinds of people, most of whom are considered discards and street trash by those who live elsewhere in the world because of who and what they are. For in this future, genetics and robotics have changed everything, and even the question of who is human and who is not is open to interpretation.

A world of throwback street racing, of the ’tweeners and bots that comprise much of the population, of corporations and government entities intent on crushing dissent, and of a girl unlike anyone Ash has ever met, find him struggling to stay one step of ahead of those who would hunt him down and terminate him. But there is more at stake than his life. The whole world is threatened by those who search for him. And for reasons he can only guess at, he seems to be the only one who can save it.

Come with me and find out for yourself. Come into the Red Zone.

—Terry Brooks

Here are a number of ways for you to order the book:




  • Audible (narrated by Simon Vance)

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  1. I was excited to read this book, and incredibly dissapointed I am unable to purchase it as an ebook in Australia.

    • You need to contact the Australian book publisher — whoever that is, possibly a UK publisher? — and let them know to buy the rights to publish the book in Australia. Sadly, Grim Oak Press only has rights to the US and Canada.

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