First Page of Unfettered III’s Allanon’s Quest

Allanon returns! Sort of!

In 2012, Terry wrote three Shannara short stories that were published as ebooks only. The first of these is titled Allanon’s Quest, a tale that takes place before the events of The Sword of Shannara and focuses on Allanon attempting to locate and keep safe a scion of the House Shannara.

Fans have asked repeatedly about these short story ebooks being published in a hardcover or paperback book, so that non-ebook buyers can read them. That time has come. In Fall 2020, a Terry Brooks short story collection will publish from Del Rey Books. I can’t wait for that.

But if you want to read Allanon’s Quest earlier than that in print form, the story will be released in the 768 page anthology Unfettered III, which publishes March 19, 2019!

The first page and its artwork are featured in the proof image above!


The anthology features SF&F heavy hitters alongside up and coming talent!

Be haunted by the chilling ghost story of Megan Lindholm. Revisit the world of the Magicians with Lev Grossman. Return to Osten Ard in an epic first look at Tad Williams’s Empire of Grass. Callie Bates shares a heartfelt story of magical loss and gain. Cross the sands of the desert planet Dune with Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. Travel the Ways with Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson. And many more stories, all wondrous alongside beautiful art by Todd Lockwood and Kaitlund Zupanic!

Pre-order your copy now from your favorite bookstore! Why is that important? Grim Oak Press is only publishing 7500 copies in their 1st print run. And half of those are already on pre-order via the distributor. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

You can also order signed copies at Grim Oak Press HERE.

Hope you enjoy more Allanon!

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