Shipping Now: Sometimes the Magic Works

The limited and lettered editions of Sometimes the Magic Works double-signed by Terry Brooks and Nate Taylor has arrived into the Grim Oak Press warehouse! Copies are shipping now.

This is an important book to me. When I decided to professionally attempt the lunacy that is known as the craft of writing, I did several different things. I bought the same computer Terry used. I set up my computer files the same way Terry does. I even bought a similar computer chair to the one he sits in every morning. I did this so I couldn’t make any excuses about why I’d fail at writing a book. If I failed, it’d be my failure — not a failure born of not having the right things around me.

But the first ting I did was re-read Sometimes the Magic Works. I had first read it in college before the book published. I discovered magic in it. Before reading it, I used to flounder in my attempt at writing long fiction. For several different reasons. But the fact that Terry had struggled early in his career with the first sequel to The Sword of Shannara — and that he often used outlines to help his work — gave me the help I needed to take that next step.

When I decided to grow Grim Oak Press, I knew I would produce a beautiful edition of the book, not only for Terry’s readers but for those of us who are attempting to be writers too. A beautiful copy to look at from time to time can be a powerful motivator!

I hired Nate Taylor, the long-time friend and artist to bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss. I’ve known Nate a long time and his art was perfect for this project. He could paint Terry as a fantasy artist would but also art Terry as a cartoon.

Sure enough, it is a beautiful book! Here are two photos:

Grim Oak Press has copies, shipping now. Click HERE to view them and order now!

Best Friday Wishes,
Shawn Speakman – WebDruid

PS: The limited and lettered editions of Street Freaks double-signed by Terry Brooks and Marc Simonetti should be arriving to our warehouse in the next two weeks! They will begin shipping directly after!

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