It’s Published! The Stiehl Assassin!

That’s right! The day has come!

The Stiehl Assassin, Book 3 in the Fall of Shannara series, is now published and in fine bookstores from Terry Brooks and Del Rey Books!

I love BrooksBooks release days. They make me happy. While I read The Stiehl Assassin months ago — and loved it, by the way — I always get super excited that you all can finally read it. I grew up a fan like most of you. I remember what those days felt like. And through you, I get to revel in it. Plus I finally get to talk to you about the book! Fan first, remember?

Mostly though, after The Skaar Invasion‘s cliffhanger ending, I’m pleased that it is resolved in this book’s opening pages.

But don’t be too happy about that yet! If you think that cliffhanger was bad, wait until…

… oh, I’ll just keep my mouth shut. You can read it all for yourself!

There are various ways to order the trade hardcover of The Stiehl Assassin. Here is a short list of some of our favorites:

For you electronic readers, fear not. The Stiehl Assassin will publish in ebook too. Order from your favorite ebook retailer:

The Stiehl Assassin is also be available on Audible for you audiobook readers!

And Terry will be at University Book Store tonight in Seattle, WA at 7:00 PM! Hope to see some of you there! For Terry’s others events, click HERE!

Happy BrooksBooks release day!

Your WebDruid,

PS: If you have the means, definitely buy the book this week. It will help place The Stiehl Assassin on the New York Times bestselling list!

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