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Dear Readers,

As you know, I do not use my connection to you on the web page or Facebook/Twitter to move outside the subjects of books, reading and writing.  I am going to break that rule now.

For three years, I have kept quiet about Donald Trump and his effort to be President of the U.S.  I am not a political activist.  I am a  writer of fantasy adventure books, and while I have opinions about politics and people involved in politics, I pretty much keep them to myself.  My writing speaks for me.  My writing is my voice to the larger world.  But a few weeks back I listened to a young journalist speak about the importance of standing up for what you believe if you love your country.  He said that if you had a platform, you had an obligation to use it.  He said if you have a voice, you needed to use it.  He said, finally, that writers need to write about what matters – in some form, in some way, at some time.

So I am writing here, on my platform, words I feel I should have spoken a long time ago.  I cannot tolerate another moment of The Donald’s despicable behavior.  He lacks even the most basic grasp of what constitutes civil behavior.  He attacks and demeans those less powerful and fortunate than himself.  He does so without a clue about using a filter.  He makes fun of people with disabilities.  He disparages women in the most loathsome of ways.  He attacks people who lack a voice and who present easy targets for his hate-filled rhetoric.  He makes fun of women’s bodies, of people who are of different colors, religions and nationalities.  He is a bully and a petulant little school boy in his approach to those who do not agree with him or dare to stand up to him on his harebrained world views.  He lies, pretends he has done things he hasn’t, takes credit for accomplishments of others and generally throws his weight around whenever the fancy strikes him.

But this latest business with the four Congresswomen of color who had the audacity to stand up to him and criticize his failure to help women and children migrants imprisoned on our southern borders goes way too far.  Speaking to his impassioned followers at a rally, he told them – falsely – that these duly elected congresswomen hated our country, loved al-Qaeda, used filthy language in their criticism and were otherwise un-American in their behavior and should go back to where they came from – even though all four are citizens of the United States.  When the crowd began yelling, “Send her back, send her back,” he stood by and did nothing to quiet them and then claimed later he disapproved even though he did nothing but stand there basking in the adulation he assumed his rhetoric had engendered.  He instigated this chant, even if he says he didn’t.  He caused this reaction.  It is one of his favorite gambits.  Say something hateful about a person or group or country to cause a strong negative reaction and then claim, “Well, I didn’t say it, they did.”

I don’t think calling Donald Trump a racist president is sufficient.  I don’t think that begins to cover the dark side of who and what he is.  I think he is much worse.  He is someone who cares nothing for other people or their opinions.  He does not tolerate criticism of any sort.  He does not value other people’s opinions.  The Bill of Rights is an inconvenience to him. Admitting he was wrong or made a mistake is never a consideration.   I think he is someone who uses people like toilet paper and throws them away.  I think everything he does is for his own benefit and he lies to himself about what he is doing and why.  I never thought I would be living in a country or in a world where we would have a man like this for our President.  I suppose, should he read this, he would say, “Send him back.  If he doesn’t like it here, send him back.”

Well, I don’t much like it here.  But he can’t send me back – I am already there.  This is the country of my birth, and sending me back would require returning me to a time of civility, consideration for others and a sense of right and wrong.  Knowing how or wanting to do any of this is beyond him.  So I have to settle for personally doing all of these as a small example and writing about how Mr. Trump makes me feel.


As the Wisconsin Congressman and demagogue Joseph McCarthy was famously admonished on termination of his tenure as Chairman of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, I would say now to Mr. Trump;  “Have you no shame, sir.  At long last, have you no shame.”



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  1. Amen, Mr. Brooks. Amen.

    What bothers me most is that in spite of the lessons of history, America appears to be traveling down the road of nationalism and fascism. The speed at which Trump’s vitriol is picked up, and amplified, by his supporters, and strongly defended by members of his administration is horrifying.

    I pray that the 2020 elections bring a significant change in our politics and policies, and fear that they will not. Please continue to speak out when and where you can, and don’t be dissuaded by those who attack you in turn.

  2. Here here! You are a man of honor and wisdom. You’ve always been one of my favorite authors, now you’re one of my favorite humans.!

  3. I am and always will be a Marine. We were taught that our president was our leader and to do as he asked of you. I can no longer support our President in any way. As a combat vet who served in Viet Nam, I am ashamed of his behavior and this is not someone I would ever support. I gave my blood and lost many brothers in Vietnam so I hope in the next election we can have someone who can turn around our current situation. I agree with Terry that the behavior of our current President is despicable and needs to stop.

  4. Thank you for posting this to your readers. Trump needs to be voted out come 2020. I hope as a country we can band together and make it happen.

  5. After years of panty-waist presidents whose words meant nothing we finally have a pres with a backbone. Is he crass, yep, does he say things that are not in his best interests nor ours, yep, but as a non-politician he is attempting to correct years of wrong without support from any corner. While I certainly agree with your right to say whatever you want about the president or any other subject, as a life long reader and big fan of your work, I wish you would keep to writing fiction. Come to think of it your ‘Trump piece’ fits conveniently within the fiction genre. Now back to Shannara please.

    Thx for listening,


  6. I don’t understand why you posted this. I am a Trump supporter and a lifelong fan of your work. Will you still acknowledge me as a reader or since I disagree with you do you wish I just go away? Did someone do research for you and tell you that you may only lose 15% or so of support? This is heartbreaking for me to read your email/blog. Not because you hate Trump, but now you have created this distance and doubt from some of your readers. What do you think of ME as a reader and lifetime supporter of your art?

    • I can’t speak for Mr. Brooks, but as someone who is appalled by Trump’s behavior and who agrees with the assessment he posted here in his blog, I can tell you… I’m worried. I’m worried that so many people blindly follow Trump, and give him a pass on behavior they would never tolerate from Democrats. I’m worried that people like you are fine with all of the terrible things he and his administration have done, because you think somehow, you’ll benefit (hint: you won’t). You ignore any negative commentary of Trump and use terms like “fake news”, rather than investigate for yourself. I’ll leave you with a quote from 1984 that is more and more relevant with each passing day: “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

    • Hello there! My opinion is just because Mr. Brooks shares a different opinion as you and myself as I too am a Trump supporter doesn’t mean he hates people from (Oh gosh, God forbid, OUR SIDE) LOL! Who cares what others think. I don’t. IT IS WHAT IT IS! AND IT WILL BE WHAT IT WILL BE!
      Mr. Brooks seems like a wonderful man and I’m your best fan Mr B! Carry on with your writing. Your political opinions are no business of mine! Can’t wait to meet you soon if you go on tour again and no need to worry if I ever get that chance, we will only be discussing your Books!
      and everyone in this reply section for their opinions. Let there be peace among us! I’m starting with me! PEACE!

      • You mention Terry’s views on politics. I didn’t see where he discussed politics, or programs, or policies. He restricted his views to how Trump treated people — his lack of humanity and empathy for others.

  7. Now you all know what Australian politics is like, all the shit donnie says and does goes on everyday, they even show it on tv where they all try to out insult each other and theyre protected by law, they can say the worse things they can think of to each other as long as theyre in parliment, they steal and embezzle using tax payer money to take helicopters instead of driving an hour, if they get caught they apoligise and its all good

  8. Well as a President Trump supporter, I disagree with everything you have said. He is our elected President and has received nothing but hate from the left because they just can’t stand the fact they lost the election. I think you must have forgotten the one of these cry babies in Congress called him a mother fucker long before any of these even happened and he has been lied about and liabled since before he even step foot in the Oval Office. There was screams of impeachment before he was even swore in. I guess you will have to learn like every other business to just keep politics to yourself or you will piss off 50 percent of your followers. I have unsubscribed from your newsletters and will no longer supporting your writing by purchasing your books.

    • I love that you mouth-breathers think you’re in 50 percent of anything. You’ve been in the minority for a long time now. Time to accept that. Eventually, voter suppression and jerrymandering won’t be enough for your minority rule.

      Also, this “president” of yours is a rapist of both women and children, a semiliterate buffoon, a racist, a sexist, a criminal, a traitor to the country and an enemy of the Constitution. He’s also a wannabe dictator who is using hate to tear the country apart while he and his swampy cronies rob the country for every dollar they can. He’s a liar, a traitor, and a complete piece of shit in every possible way.

      You complain about impeachment. Life in prison is what he has spent his whole life earning.

    • I don’t want to abuse Terry’s website for long political discussions but I’d like you to ask two simple questions. Since you wrote that you disagree with everything Terry has said, do think that the statement “He makes fun of people with disabilities.” is wrong? Also, do you really disagree with Terry when he writes that “all four [i.e. Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Tlaib and Pressley] are citizens of the United States”?
      I could pick more examples but like I said, I don’t want to start a long discussion on this platform.
      Thanks to keep this civil.

    • Just an FYI, he has not only received hate from the left, but the rest of us in the world are laughing at you too, dont make it like some butt-hurt retaliation because I assure you, we all look at America and go, “wtf were you thinking” but hey, ignorance is bliss. you dug the hole, and its so deep you cant see whats going on. From outside looking in, we can see the chaos on the surface and it aint pretty, but if you happy with wallowing in the filth you created then thats all G 😉

  9. I found your blog on Mr. Trump to be extremely well written. You never discussed his politics or programs or policies, but focused on his total lack of humanity, empathy, and caring for others. I have always been proud to say that I love your books and greatly appreciate the polite way you treat your readers, but now I can say I am proud of you for having expressed your (and my) concern with the lack of humanity, empathy, and caring that Mr. Trump shows to the world.

  10. Thank you for speaking up, and expressing how so many of feel, far better than I could. Hope to see you at HawaiiCon in September!

  11. Thank you for speaking out Terry. I know you risk alienating part of your audience by doing so, but Trump has done so much that is unacceptable at this point that we should all speak up.

  12. I applaud you for speaking out, and sharing your views and opinions on this subject of President Trump. I know you went into this blog knowing all to well that your not going to make everyone happy about what you had to say, and I commend you for that. I keep believing that integrity, civility, consideration for others and a sense of right and wrong are still the foundations of the American people. Lets prove that by voting in 2020 for the consciousness of our future country.

  13. Dear Mr. Brooks,
    First and foremost I am an avid fan of your books (The Shannara Chronicles), and I see so much of what could happen there happening here if we do not wake up. Your analysis of Donald Trump in my opinion is spot on, and I have said many times things close to these words. I have called him a narcissist, a megalomaniac, among other not so repeatable things. I am just waiting for the the other shoe to fall and those that support him will get a very rude awakening. I love my country and my father fought in WWII against fascism as a member of the Rangers and then with the First Special Service Forces. Please keep doing what you can to open people’s eyes and standing for what you believe.

  14. I really appreciate you speaking your mind Terry. I have been a lifelong fan and know that your stories also speak truths that are going on in our world. I think many of us have had enough of Donald Trump, a man who, in the end, is only concerned for himself and getting his way. Every time he opens his mouth, it is for his own benefit, so why can’t you speak your mind about him even if some of us disagree. I don’t read your books because of your opinions on our leaders. I do read your books because they show that even the common man can make a difference and save the world! And if your message can help someone make an informed decision on our leadership, then maybe they can help save our world, too.

  15. There are many people who prefer not to be involved in politics publicly. I believe the current FBI mess with text messages against Trump is an example of how messy this election and presidency has been, if my use of the word “messy” is not a gross minimization of the atrocities of violence (physical, verbal, and emotional) already seen since 2016. It is as if we have to reorganize our lives to fight a new threat, and that includes dropping our previous artistic endeavors to softly fight in the WWIIIs of presidential elections.

    Your comment about past decades makes me want to cry.

  16. I’m so sorry to hear that from you Mr. Brooks. With this speech of you, you also confess that you are a hypocritical white old man now. Like Stephen King, who is also at the near end of his career, it’s no excuse to bully other people just because of it’s mainstream and approved.
    Yes, I still love your writings. But from now on I’ll miss the genuine Terry Brooks. So also R.I.P. the genuine Stephen King.

    For you both: It’s really pathetic to abuse his influence to agitate people 🙁

    I have also arguments to counter your accusations. But enough said, I don’t argue about politics. Just idiots argue about politics and religions.

    And no, I’m not an american.

  17. Amen! I am incredibly worried about the future of our country and the future of our world. Civility is dead. Thank you for speaking out and for providing a means of escape — your books. But at this point, we can’t just bury our heads in the sand and escape. We need to speak up, as you have. “If you see something, say something.”

    I feel we are at the end of “Camelot” (lyrics by Frederick Loewe):
    Each evening, from December to December
    Before you drift to sleep upon your cot
    Think back on all the tales that you remember
    Of Camelot

    Ask every person if he’s heard the story
    And tell it strong and clear if he has not
    That once there was a fleeting wisp of glory
    Called Camelot

    Camelot! Camelot!
    I know it gives a person pause
    But in Camelot, Camelot
    Those were the legal laws

  18. Well said Mr. Brooks. As a long time fan, I appreciate you taking the opportunity and using your platform to speak truth to power. Thank you.

  19. I’m not surprised by this blog. Mr. Brooks is entitled to his opinion. I don’t think he realizes how many of his loyal fans are also Republicans/Conservatives and support President Trump. I’m one of them, although I don’t support President Trump blindly. Republicans have lost sight of fiscal conservatism, which is my main gripe about Trump, but he has done quite a few good things for our country. Yes, he is blunt/over the top/rude/outspoken – what do you expect, he’s a New Yorker!

    Celebrities/artists/authors all have personal political opinions and that is just fine. I may not personally agree, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate their perspective and what they produce. I wish all sides would come together instead of knocking each other down. I know, I know, cue the violins…

  20. I’m not liberal by any stretch of the imagination.

    I find that his supporters almost all admit that his is blunt, over the top, rude, and outspoken. (I actually quoted that from a comment above, but I hear those same words used all the time from those I often associate with.)

    Politics totally aside I would just like people to ask themselves…

    If you spoke to your children like the President speaks to members of Congress (his own and the opposing party), people in third world countries, leaders of other countries, and women (when he thinks his mic is turned off), would you be okay with yourself?

    How about talking to your parents like that?

    How about your kids talking to you like that? Or if you’re a teacher, your students? Or if you are a boss, your employees?

    How about talking to your religious leader, mentor, or other respected figure in your life like that?

    Political correctness or not, there is a sense of common decency that we as a society seem to now tolerate in others if it serves our purpose to do so. Whether or not you agree with Terry Brooks and what he has said, I’m not sure how his supporters are okay with the way Donald Trump speaks to others when they themselves would never willingly behave the same way or tolerate it from their children, students, or employees.

  21. Is our president crass and vulgar at times? Yes. Is he getting the job done that we (those who voted for him) elected him to do? I think the answer to this question is also a resounding yes! I know this is an old blog post now, but I only recently stumbled across it and I think it warrants my response as one of your readers, Mr. Brooks. Regarding our President, I think what I have discovered as the Patton Principle applies. In WW2 Patton was known for his extremely vulgar and crass verbal tirades to new recruits. When asked about it, his response was that it was because he was given, “good boys.” But Patton was beloved by the mothers of these good boys. Patton cared about his men. Would those mothers have preferred their children not be exposed to such vulgarity and general unwholesomeness? Probably. Would they rather their children come home at the end of the war? Of course.

    I see you have not addressed our President’s political policies, only his behavior in enacting them. I have another thing for you to consider. You are given the choice between two physicians to operate on a loved one of yours. One is an upstanding, refined, wholesome and happily married man. You would be completely comfortable leaving your children in his care. But his success rate as a physician is not that great. Your other choice is a man who is vulgar, a serial adulterer in his marriage and isn’t great with his kids. But his success rate as a physician? Nearly everyone makes it under his care. I believe this to be a near perfect example of our president. Someone who is getting the job done. That job is President. Not Pastor, Teacher, Caretaker of our Children or anything else.

    Thank you for the books you have written, Mr. Brooks. I’ve enjoyed reading much of your work.

    Have a great day,

    Riley Kiessling

    • Riley –

      I feel compelled to respond to your analogy. If my only choice was a surgeon who was insulting and demeaning to me, who belittled and disrespected me, then, no, I would never allow him to perform surgery on me or any of my loved ones. I’ve had appendicitis, which is life-threatening, and I definitely would have refused surgery if the surgeon had treated me like that, even knowing that I could have been dead in a few days. Maybe you are willing to tolerate disrespect from those around you but I’m not.

      Yes, Patton was known for being crass and vulgar but I have never heard of him showing the blatant disrespect that Trump has shown throughout his life, as well as his presidency.

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