Pre-Order: The Lady Double-Signed Giclee

First, I want to share that Terry had a great time on tour for The Stiehl Assassin. Many of you came out to see him and there were a lot of surprises this time. My favorite surprise was the Hildebrandt Brothers original painting from The Sword of Shannara that made an appearance. Judine took a lot of pictures and posted them on the Terry Brooks Facebook page. Definitely take a look!

And for those of you who ordered a signed copy of The Stiehl Assassin via The Signed Page, Terry plans on signing the copies tomorrow. Then I’ll begin shipping them out on Friday. It will take me a few days to get them done but I’ll be so happy when they are!

For today, I thought I’d share that The Signed Page is offering a stunning giclee print of The Lady, double-signed by Terry and artist Donato. It is the artwork used on the Warrior ebook set in the Word/Void mythos and features Jack McCall kneeling before the Lady. It is beautiful and comes in two different sizes. Click HERE to see and order!

And before anyone asks, no, Warrior is not currently available in any format. The novella will be the cornerstone story in the Terry Brooks short story/novella collection, which will publish Fall 2020!

I have been lucky enough to view the original painting in person. I visited Donato’s home several months ago and The Lady is absolutely gorgeous. This double-signed giclee is perfect for you Word/Void fans who love artwork.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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