Pre-Order: First King of Shannara Limited Edition

Terry and I are excited to announce the Grim Oak Press edition of First King of Shannara!

This is a long time coming. I grew up reading the original trilogy and the Heritage series. It wasn’t until I had left home and was attending college that First King published. The first time I met Terry was at the Seattle tour event for this prequel. And it was the first time I bought a Brooks hardcover with my own money.

Imagine my excitement to offer this book double-signed with new art by Chesley Award-winning artist Marc Simonetti. A dream come true. A first reveal of his interior artwork is to the right. Bremen and Kinson visiting Paranor. The cover for the book is below!

Why do so many readers count First King of Shannara as one of their favorites? So many reasons. It is rare to find a prequel that adds to a mythos rather than detract, this book expanding the history recounted by Allanon in The Sword of Shannara while telling a rousing tale of armies clashing, characters questing, and the forging of the most important talisman in the series.

For me personally, First King also has one of only three moments in the entire saga that makes me bawl. Every. Time.

Here are links to the Limited Edition as well as the Slipcase to keep the book safe:

Don’t forget to order your SLIPCASE on the same receipt to save on shipping!

Marc Simonetti has already finished the interior illustrations. This is going to be a beautiful book! And signature pages are flying their way to Marc right now for signing. Then Terry will sign. And by the time they are done, the book will be going to the printer. So this will be a fast turn around and delivery. We think we will only need three months to complete all of this, putting this late January, early February!

If you have any questions, do feel free to contact Shawn through the Contact form on this website! And if you order during the pre-order period, we will match the number to your other limited edition Shannara titles if you have them.

With Magic,
Shawn Speakman
WebDruid & Bald Publisher

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