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Hey Everyone,

Time for a new blog post.  I want to do something I seldom do, which is to recommend a television show.  Whatever else you watch in the fantasy department this year, be sure to watch His Dark Materials.  Some of you may remember I gave a strong recommendation to The Golden Compass back when it first appeared in print.  The new television show is an adaptation of that book in Season One and will apparently go on to Seasons Two and Three to complete the trilogy that comprises the books.  There was a movie of The Golden Compass a while back, but it really didn’t live up to expectations for those of us who loved the books.  His Dark Materials makes up for that and then some.  This series is what every author hopes for – a mostly accurate adaptation of the book itself where the alterations implemented to allow for a change of media do not interfere but enhance and feel organic to the production.  The story is accurate for the most part and beautifully told by some excellent actors.  I wrote to Philip recently to tell him specifically that Judine and I felt the cast was inspired.  But, really, everything in the show spoke to me of great storytelling and of a companion piece to that incredible book that did not feel as if it were an unrealized attempt at telling the story on film so that it did justice to the book.

Most of you know I am pretty selective when it comes to watching television.  Books and writing are my life, so when I recommend something I tend to go all in.  As a writer who has experienced an adaptation of the Shannara series, I tend to want to see other writers have good experiences.  When something feels half-baked, you just want to give the writer a hug and say, “Don’t worry.  The book isn’t going to be any less terrific because the movie or television show wasn’t successful.”  I feel real joy for Philip and look forward with great anticipation to Seasons Two and Three.

Hope you will give it a try.

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  1. So happy to see this recommendation here, and I agree that the changes and temporal setting update make total sense for the show and don’t detract from the story. Nice to see proof that a worthy adaptation is still a thing that can happen.

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