BrooksBlog: House Lessons & Erica Bauermeister

From Terry Brooks: “This is a Terry special endorsement for Erica Bauermeister, a writer of immense talent and dry wit, a writer I greatly admire. I fully endorse her new book, House Lessons, and her efforts in this difficult time for an author whose book tour is cancelled and dream is in danger of being lost in the coronavirus mess. That would be a tragedy for her as for all writers of talent who are likely to suffer from the spread of the virus. Be well, everyone.”

From Erica Bauermeister: “We’re all spending a lot of time in our homes these days. My new memoir — House Lessons: Renovating a Life — tells the story of the renovation of one trash-filled house, and dives deep into how our living spaces influence who we are. Adrienne Brodeur, author of Wild Game, calls House Lessons: “one part investigation of architecture and design, one part exploration of identity, House Lessons is a meditation on space and home and Bauermeister is a Zen master of the self.” You can find purchasing options on my website And if you buy from an independent bookstore (thank you!), you can contact me through my website and I’ll send you a signed bookplate, bookmark and your own social-distancing door hanger.”

As you can see, Erica is trying to make the best of her newest book being published in the time of COVID-19. I hope you will consider House Lessons because she’s an amazing writer.

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