Announcing: Shannara Con

Terry Brooks and the fine folks at Del Rey Books are proud to announce a special one-day virtual convention featuring Terry, some special guests, and the fan community, all coming together to celebrate both the legacy of the Shannara series and its final installment, The Last Druid.


Date: Friday, October 23 4-6pm EST

Method: Ticketed Eventbrite with Book Bundle Offer

  • $10 for Welcome Kit (see below) [US-only]
  • $40 for The Last Druid + Welcome Kit [US-only]

Timeline of Events Supporting The Last Druid

  • Thursday, July 16 – Announce Date (this announcement, actually!)
  • August 10 – Begin Ticket Sales on Eventbrite (open worldwide)
  • September 23 – Ship Welcome Kits early to readers
  • October 20 – The Last Druid publishes!
  • October 23 – Shannara Con from 4-6pm ET

Welcome Kit Items

  • Commemorative Coin
  • Program with Note from Terry
  • Signed Bookplate

Terry and I are really excited about Shannara Con. Yes, it is a celebration of forty-three years of Shannara—a remarkable achievement in itself. But more significantly, it is a way for Terry to reach out to all of you and say thank you. You guys are Shannara fans but you are also a close-knit community who is as much a part of this event and this legacy as Terry or Del Rey Books. So we hope to see you there!

Feel free to send us ideas about what you’d like to see for those two hours—or questions or even comments—using the form below.

And who knows? Maybe we’ll have some announcements, games, and other things to share soon!

Your WebDruid,

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