BrooksBlog: In Praise of Antiquity Grey

As you might have heard, WebDruid Shawn has been off writing again, and I think he has written something pretty special.  Maybe that’s too vague – it sounds like I am hoping and don’t really know.  But I do.  I have been reading bits and pieces since he started and a few months ago read the whole book.  I really like it.  It is the sort of YA that adults will enjoy – or at least this adult did – so I recommend it to everyone who loves a good yarn.

Antiquity is a sort of teen scavenger of parts and artifacts who lives in this rather Star Warsian world with her once highly regarded but now fallen-from-grace family.  The matriarch is her beloved grandmother and her best friend is a ball-like robot who soon proves itself smarter than most humans.

The discovery of a Mech – a huge robot – which is found buried in sand sets things off with a bang and the action is nonstop from there on.  Antiquity needs to discover the truth about herself and her family and survive all sorts of attacks and the machinations of those responsible and still make it home for Christmas.  Okay, I am making that last part up.  But she does have a lot to learn about herself and those who ally with her on her quest to do so, and you need to buckle up.

The book is now available on Shawn’s Kickstarter, which debuted recently.  Various levels produce various rewards, so do check them all out.  This is a book you will not want to miss.

The title of the book?  THE TEMPERED STEEL OF ANTIQUITY GREY.  Now sit down, pledge to the Kickstarter, and soon you will be reading it!

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