Fan Submission for Shannara Con

Hi Shannara Fans,

As I’m sure you already know, Shannara Con takes place on October 23rd!

We have a lot planned for that day. But we’d be remiss not include you in some way that celebrates the readers as much as the end of Shannara. Therefore, in that spirit, Del Rey Books have put together a page on Terry’s website that allows you to upload short video clips, fan art, pictures of you with Terry, your collections–whatever you wish to share!

The fine folks at Del Rey will receive these, go through them, and decide on those that make the most sense for Shannara Con. It will bring a personal touch to the virtual con and I have no doubt there will be some surprises.

To upload your content, click HERE!

Can’t wait to see you at Shannara Con!

Your WebDruid,

2 responses to “Fan Submission for Shannara Con”

  1. When’s Terry going to answer fan questions? I’m missing them more than reading abt all the upcoming events. I’m not meaning any offense, but I’m more interested in his opinions and views to those questions and opinions we are curious abt. Thanks

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