Facebook Live: Marie Lu & Terry Brooks

Hi Brooks Readers,

A fun announcement today. A new Facebook Live is coming your way! I’m really looking forward to it. Because Marie Lu is one of the finest YA authors working today. Terry is a huge fan of her work. And the two of them together talking about the differences and similarities between publishing in YA and adult SF&F markets should make for a great virtual event.

The Facebook Live is set for Friday, April 2nd at 1PM PT. Both authors have new books coming later this year and I know they will be taking questions from viewers. I will help moderate the virtual event, as usual.

Skyhunter is the first book of two from Marie Lu, so an excellent place to start with her work if you haven’t read her before. And on the Brooks front, a Child of Light cover and excerpt reveal is coming Thursday, March 18th from io9.com!

See you on March 25th!

Your WebDruid

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