BrooksBlog: The Easter Bunny 2021

Dear Readers,

It’s happened again.  Even thought we moved house this year to escape the COVID pandemic, it was not enough to discourage the Easter Bunny and he found us just the same.  Or she – how can one know when one never sees the darn animal?  Anyway, bright and early, a mysterious coming and going with only a trail of half-eaten carrots to mark the way, the bunny brought Judine her treasured Easter basket.  Only this year, I think the bunny outdid himself.  He left not only the sumptuous basket he provides every year but large-size replicas of Mama and Papa Easter bunnies dressed in all their formal finery.

Astonishing.  But wait, there’s more.  Just to add a touch of class, the bunny procured a string of battery powered lights with which to deck out the basket, their little bulbs blinking away in three phases to further enhance the special gift the bunny sees fit to provide every single year.

I’ve written about this phenomenon before, and now here I go again.  I tried to catch the bunny in the act for a few years and then just gave it up.  Why should I reveal its identity?  If it wanted me to see it, I think it would have rung the doorbell.  So it remains both a fiction and a myth with a very real presence.  Much more interesting than aliens and ghosts.  It brings back the child in my heart – the part that believed very deliberately in magic and wonder back when.  Now, edging towards eighty, I kind of think it a good thing that Judine and I have a way to hold on to a little of that childhood amazement at what we do not entirely understand.

Happy Easter, everyone!  Find a little magic in yourselves to celebrate the day however you think best.





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