Facebook Live: Brent Weeks & Terry Brooks

Hi Brooks Readers,

I have some exciting news for you.

Terry and bestselling fantasy author Brent Weeks will take part in a Facebook Live on Monday, May 10th, at 2PM PT. That’s 5PM ET for those of you on the East Coast. Both authors come from different backgrounds but approach fantasy fiction in a similar way. They will discuss the role of an author’s faith in creating believable characters and worlds. It should make for a great discussion.

Brent and Terry are no strangers to one another. They both live in Oregon and have supported one another for the last decade. Fast friends right from the beginning, you will not want to miss this Facebook Live. I expect a lot of fun and laughter and great writing advice. Plus a look into each author’s published work.

I’ll be moderating. Do you have a question for Terry and Brent? Post the question in the comments field below. In that way, I can prepare the questions better and make for a great hour of conversation.

See you on Monday!

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