Photos: Terry with Child of Light

Hi Brooks Readers,

A short note on this Friday.

Terry stopped by The Signed Page earlier this week, and he signed over 600 copies of Child of Light. If you want a copy, you can order one now and they will ship out on Monday next week. All copies that were pre-ordered have already shipped unless those books are awaiting other titles not yet in stock.

I took three photos of Terry when he came over to sign. I thought I’d share them here:

And a quick thank you to the fans. I’ve been a fan a long time, since 1988. Not as long as some of you but long enough to feel a part of the Brooks community, that’s for sure. I’ve been Terry’s webmaster for over 20 years now too. Every book release is special and this is true of Child of Light. Here is where my thank you comes in: You all have been so supportive of Terry’s new fantasy novel online and I think that is really special. You’ve bought the book, you’ve shared pictures of your book, you’ve helped share information so other people can discover the book. It’s really a special thing. I can speak for Terry and Judine when I say we love you all for your support over all of these years. You guys are what makes Terry get up every morning to write.

I hope you are reading something great this weekend! If you’ve already read Child of Light, wow! Fast reader, you!

With Magic,

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