BrooksBlog: Merry Christmas 2021

Dear Readers and Friends,

It’s Christmas and we’ve already been in the midst of several other major holiday celebrations.

Time to reflect on who we are and our lives.

Time to put COVID and general dismay aside for a bit.

Time to celebrate who and what we love most in this life.

Time to remember what matters most.

Wishing you joy, love, peace and happiness for this year and the one coming up.

Hoping your stories and your books will help you escape the hardest parts of the days ahead.

Wanting the best for you always because you have provided me with so much goodness and satisfaction in my life.

Telling you that now and always you have been the best.

Make this a time of remembrance and kindness to others.  Do the small things that matter to those you love.  Give of yourself and your beliefs.

If you will, I will.

If you do, so will I.

We are believers in the power of stories, now and always.

All Good Magic, Terry

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