BrooksBlog: The Tempered Steel of Antiquity Grey

Hi Everyone, All,

Just want to take a moment to remind you that Author, Friend, Guardian of Brooks Books and all-around hard worker Shawn Speakman has a brand new book coming out January 25th.

Having read it myself, I feel confident in suggesting you might be sorry to miss out on a first rate reading experience. The Tempered Steel of Antiquity Grey publishes later this month following many good reviews and reading experience, so if you need yet another fantasy to get through this winter, here is your chance to experience a good read.

I will be joining Shawn for a Virtual Event on January 25th. The University Book Store in Seattle, WA is hosting it. You can pre-order a signed or personalized copy from U Books. Click HERE for details on that and feel free to join us.

Giving a loud shout-out to Shawn!!


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