Publishers Weekly Review: Daughter of Darkness

Forthcoming: October 11, 2022

Bestseller Brooks returns with this spellbinding sequel to Child of Light, beginning with a goblin attack that disrupts the peaceful life that Sylvan fae Auris Afton Grieg has made with her newfound family in Viridian Deep. The goblins kidnap Auris’s sister to bait her into their territory—and they succeed, as Auris sets out on a daring rescue mission. As she struggles to make sense of what the goblins want with her, however, a new enemy arises. A shape-shifting creature named Tonklot steals the soul of Auris’s love, Harrow, leaving him an empty shell. To restore him, Auris must bring Tonklot a dragon by the next full moon. Auris’s desperate attempt to save Harrow propels her on yet another dangerous quest, taking her from the outskirts of Viridian Deep to the mythical dragon’s lair, the industrialized human lands, and beyond. Brooks weaves a fast-paced tale full of twists and turns while keeping the backstory clear and the worldbuilding concise enough that those new to Auris’s story will have just as much fun as returning readers. This is sure to delight Brooks’s fans. Agent: Anne Sibbald, Janklow & Nesbit Assoc. (Oct.)

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