RCCC Schedule: Terry Brooks

The fine people at Rose City Comic Con have revealed Terry’s panel and signing schedule for next week’s convention in Portland, Oregon. First thing: If you want to go to RCCC 2022, click HERE and learn more! Second, Terry isn’t the only author attending. The literary tract schedule for all writers is HERE.

I’ll be moderating a Spotlight panel and interviewing Terry on Friday. Since I haven’t done this in a while, I’m sure I’ll be rusty. Who knows, maybe Gollum and Sméagol will accidentally make an appearance. But I know Terry will make up for it with his wit and genius. We have a lot to discuss. And bring your questions.

Then Terry is doing a signing on Saturday for two hours. And on Sunday, he’s moderating an excellent panel about writing, with a stellar line-up of writers.

Be sure to stop by The Signed Page bookstore at the con! I’ll be there a lot. Hope to see some of you.

Now on to the schedule:


Panel Details: Terry Brooks is one of the foundational fantasy authors of the SF&F world. Without him, the genre might look very, very different. This Spotlight panel is dedicated to his decades-long career and it’s your opportunity to ask him any questions you may have.

Date: Friday, September 9th
Time: 6:30 PM – 7:15 PM
Location: Main Stage – Portland Ballroom
Panelists: Terry Brooks, moderated by Shawn Speakman
Signing: Main Stage, 7:15 PM – 8:00 PM


Date: Saturday, September 10th
Time: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Signing: RCCC Bookstore @ The Signed Page in Hall A


Panel Details: Interested in the approach that well-known authors took when they were learning to write? What resources did they use to get from where they began to now? This conversation will help you in your quest to write, whether you’re just starting out, an experienced writer, or a published author.

Date: Sunday, September 11th
Time: 10:30 AM – 11:15 AM
Location: D137-140
Panelists: John Scalzi, Robin Hobb, Chelsea Cain, Josh Malerman, moderated Terry Brooks
Signing: RCCC Bookstore @ The Signed Page in Hall A, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

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