BrooksBlog: A Year End Look Ahead To 2023

Happy Holidays, One & All!

I am getting a one-up on my year-end newsletter to readers and the oddly curious by writing this not in January but right now in the middle of December.  Don’t know when you will see it in the newsletter, but this is when it is being put to print.  Never too late to improve one’s bad habit of being constantly late.

So, Happy Days.  A quick summary of things important to me in my book and writing life and maybe in some small way important to you.  I have finished the next book in the Child of Light series and am hoping for a quick turnaround on the revisions.  I will not lie.  I am quite fond of this book, which is usually reason for a cry of ‘Danger, danger, Will Robinson.’  But I will keep positive thoughts at the forefront and tell you to look for it in early October 2023, if the yearly plan does not change.

I would give you the title, but I am told to hold back for now.  Geeezz.

So, this current year had some positive things happen.  One, I didn’t get sick at all, even going on book tour for two weeks.  Even with avoiding COVID entirely, I did get sick in 2021 but lived through it.  So, there you are.  I did lose my wallet while on book tour, but it got found and returned by a good-hearted LYFT driver.  Did get lost on tour a few times and barely survived getting from Rhode Island to New York City, but thanks to Mary Kate, who gave three odd strangers her car on a promise to deliver it to her daughter in Brooklyn we made it through to NY ComicCon.  Did a number of signings along the way and afterwards, and I found I could still manage a talk and/or a signing, so I plan to go out again in 2023.  No definite plans yet, save a promise to show up at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle in March (I think).  Got to show up somewhere or people will wonder if I am still alive.  Never thought I would get to this point, but once you are there you pretty much have to suck it up and stick it out.

I have plans for another book or two in Child of Light, but next (after 2023) I am going to write a trilogy of larger, more complex books for those of you who might be missing some of the good, old stuff of yesterday.  Again, no talking about what it is or anything about titles or that sort of stuff.  Just let me say I am fairly certain the larger part of my readership will be pleased.  After I am finished with that effort, I will have to take a look at where best to put my remaining writerly efforts, assuming I still have some to make.

Blessings on the heads and shoulders of the Shannara Community and all its wonderful members.  I am constantly amazed by their devotion to and love of my books.  They are forever trading and giving up books to those who don’t have them and photographing their collections and otherwise entering in to talk-backs on what they are up to in the larger world.  Really, they are the best and kindest people, and I wish I could do more to be worthy of their commitment to my work, but let’s not ask the impossible.

A word of note.  All of the Shannara rights have now reverted to Del Rey Books and yours truly.  I say this because there are still thoughts of doing something film-wise down the road.  There is interest and there are possibilities.  Do you think we are good for one more round?  Maybe yes, maybe no?  Well, that’s pretty much how these things go.

Still living down on the edge of the Pacific Ocean in Oregon while we wait for some repairs on a Seattle residence.  Not sure at all how long that wait might last and frankly don’t care.  I miss Seattle and the life of the city but love living in a remote area which is woodsy and oceanside and filled with a reality that can only be described as dreamlike.  I get to write whenever I want and play Scrabble and read books and take walks on the beach.  It is the sort of playground I have always dreamed about.  So, no complaints from this end.

This was a tough year for books in many ways – not so much for me specifically as for books and writers in general.  Lost a few close friends because many of us have reached that age, and all I have left are memories that will never be repeated.  I worry about an obvious lack of commitment to the publishing of good fiction in favor of second-rate video and gaming endeavors.  I like the diversity of ethnicity, religiosity, sexuality and non-conformity of newly published work that has been denied a real voice for too long.  This is a business that needs to grow and expand, and it pleases me to see it is finally happening.  I would hope that one day we could all get behind this much-needed inclusion of all peoples of all types and cease trying to exclude those we don’t agree with.  We are better than that.  I know we are.

On that note, goodbye for now.  Be at peace.  Be generous to others.  But kind to everyone.

Your forever hopeful scribe,

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