Author: Judine Brooks

  • Judine’s Picture Diary: Terry In Italy

    Judine’s Picture Diary: Terry In Italy

    September 16, 2013 We have arrived in Frankfurt, had our delicious German dinner and are turning in early for an early rising tomorrow. The final Terry Brooks event was quite successful – about a hundred people in the tiny village of Bauladu. Lovely outdoor amphitheater. Lots of real Terry Brooks fans, including a contingent of […]

  • Touring with Terry – Minneapolis

    Touring with Terry – Minneapolis

    Sorry to be so tardy in writing this post. Things have been hopping since our return to Seattle and life just got in the way. We had a rather exciting room at Le Meridien Hotel in Minneapolis. Very modern, with a delightful courtyard restaurant which we tested almost immediately upon our arrival. Check out our […]

  • Touring with Terry – The M Tour – Milwaukee

    Touring with Terry – The M Tour – Milwaukee

    This post was lost in my iPad, or maybe the ether – at any rate, it disappeared somewhere between Madison and Minneapolis. So much for writing in the car. Two things were memorable about Milwaukee. One, at dinner in the hotel I had a fried bologna sandwich! I had never seen one on a menu […]

  • Touring with Terry: The M Tour

    Touring with Terry: The M Tour

    To any of you wondering how the Big Reunion turned out – It was fun! Four events in the three-day period, so a lot of chat and smile, but not too onerous, even for me, the spouse. Terry got a chance to get together with his high school pals – this event took the place […]

  • Touring with Terry – Home in Seattle

    This post got lost in the ether so just a quick note as it is no longer timely. It was a joy to return to the NW. Warm, but not HOT. Fall is definitely in the air. Terry’s signing at U Books was, as usual, well attended – many familiar faces. Was great to see […]