Word & Void

The constant battle between the Word and the Void has raged for eons, one side never able to permanently tip the balance in its favor. It is an invisible war waged in contemporary America and all over the world, the Knights of the Word battling the destructive efforts of the Void’s demons.

When Nest Freemark, child of magic’s legacy, is pulled into the struggle in her hometown of Hopewell, Illinois, she learns she may hold the key to the outcome of the entire war. As the forces of good and evil swarm around her, the fate of the future world and humankind’s place in it hangs on the mysteries that surround Nest and her family history.

The three novels in the Word/Void trilogy are centered around Nest in three different moments of her life. It is a beautifully written and darkly elegant trilogy about how the destruction of civilization won’t come at the drop of a nuclear bomb but seeds that are already planted in how we poorly interact with people on an every day basis. Many of Terry’s fans believe the Word/Void trilogy to be Terry’s literary masterpiece, combining the magic and intrigue of the Shannara series with philosophies and ideas all readers can understand as they take place in our own world.

Start with Running with the Demon. You won’t be disappointed!