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  • BrooksBlog: On Wards of Faerie

    BrooksBlog: On Wards of Faerie

    Got a look at the finished centerfold by Todd Lockwood for the upcoming Wards of Faerie. All in color and stunning. Been a long time getting this done, but it is part of the promise I made to bring back a mini-revival of the old Sword of Shannara look. The centerfold is a great start. […]

  • BrooksBlog: Working with Shawn & The Dark Thorn

    BrooksBlog: Working with Shawn & The Dark Thorn

    Let me say a few words about working with Shawn, my faithful web druid. Okay, enough of that. Seriously. Working with Shawn is great fun. I know you will find this hard to believe, but he is actually pretty funny. Also, he is well read in the field of Fantasy/Science Fiction, and he takes it […]

  • BrooksBlog: Writing and Its Sickness

    BrooksBlog: Writing and Its Sickness

    Spent the last seven days being sick. The kind where you hurt all over, nothing tastes good, sleep is impossible because either you cannot get comfortable or you are coughing a lung out. Liquids help, but you can’t sleep or rest with a straw in your mouth. So you start thinking about stuff, and I […]

  • BrooksBlog: Terry Talks Indomitable

    BrooksBlog: Terry Talks Indomitable

    Speaking of short stories, I wrote another in the Shannara world some years back called Indomitable. It was about what happens to Jair Ohmsford when he discovers that the Ildatch he thought destroyed in The Wishsong of Shannara maybe isn’t. It’s also about Garet Jax and the magic of the wishsong. (Seriously, you have to […]

  • BrooksBlog: On Multiverse

    BrooksBlog: On Multiverse

    Sometime back, maybe as much as two years ago, Greg Bear wrote me to see if I would consider contributing a short story to an anthology celebrating the life and work of Poul Anderson. Since Greg is a friend and I have been reading Poul Anderson for what seems like forever and the esteemed Gardner […]