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  • BrooksBlog: Get Lit at the Beach

    BrooksBlog: Get Lit at the Beach

    LISTEN UP READERS!!! Have I got your attention? I want to take a moment to invite you to come down to Cannon Beach, Oregon for the weekend of April 13-15! It is the first annual GET LIT AT THE BEACH reader & writer festival. It will feature me, Elizabeth George, Susan Wiggs and Jamie Ford […]

  • BrooksBlog: Hollywood Is Going To Landover

    BrooksBlog: Hollywood Is Going To Landover

    Dear Readers, I may have alluded to a pending movie deal some two or three months back. That deal has now been consummated, and the announcement of the details to date is set out below. Remember, this is just an option, and if the option isn’t picked up the movie doesn’t happen. That said, we […]

  • BrooksBlog: Darrell K. Sweet

    BrooksBlog: Darrell K. Sweet

    Dear Readers, Got some sad news a few days back. Darrell K. Sweet, who did the cover and interior art on Elfstones of Shannara, Wishsong of Shannara and Magic Kingdom for Sale passed away. He was a fine and talented artist, and I loved the work he did on my books. I only met him […]

  • BrooksBlog: Anne McCaffrey

    BrooksBlog: Anne McCaffrey

    Dear Readers, Thought I would send a short message to you wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  I am especially moved to do this so that I can tell you how much I am going to miss Anne McCaffrey, who passed away three days ago.  Because one of the things I intend to give thanks […]

  • Short Story: Imaginary Friends by Terry Brooks

    Short Story: Imaginary Friends by Terry Brooks

    Dear Readers, Most of you know that Shawn, our faithful Web Druid, has been battling a re-occurrence of cancer that surfaced some months back. Thankfully, he is well on the way to a full recovery thanks to chemotherapy treatments and doctor care. Less happily, the result of all this is a huge medical bill he […]