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  • BrooksBlog: Music – Part 2

    So, anyway, the point of this blog and the one preceding it have to do with a discussion of the role music plays in writing for this author. I have already established that I grew up listening to classical (my Mom’s influence) and rock and roll (peer pressure and the times). Not to listen to […]

  • BrooksBlog: Music – Part 1

    Hi Everyone, Judine and I are in Tasmania for a week and a few days prior to attending two venues of Supanove in Melbourne and Gold Coast. This part is a real opportunity to wind down from writing the third Shannara book before going into the last. I had some opportunities to write on the […]

  • BrooksBlog: The Phantom Easter Bunny

    Now that Easter Sunday has come and gone for another year, I want to tell you about the Phantom Easter Bunny. We have a lot of traditions in our family, but they tend to vary greatly. Most of them make sense. Some of them offer teachable moments. Some drive me to distraction. But the one […]

  • BrooksBlog: Go To Ready Player One

    Hey Everyone! Just a quick reminder to pack up the family and get out to see READY PLAYER ONE while you can. See it on the big screen and be amazed. This is a movie for everyone, and I am proud to claim author of the book, Ernie Cline, as a friend, and producer Dan […]

  • BrooksBlog: A Few Loose Ends – Part 2

    Back again. Maybe this will become a habit, who knows? In this short space of print, I want to talk a little about the end of a few things. Please bear with me on this if you’ve heard some of it before or already have the news. But I think all of it needs commenting […]