Terry Brooks

Terry Brooks

Terry Brooks
The best way to contact Terry Brooks is to pose your questions via Ask Terry! Also feel free to join him on Facebook & Twitter!

He also accepts letters through the mail. No books allowed. If your letter is returned to you, it is an indications that the mail box is full and you can try again at a later date.

For Letters, No Books!

Terry Brooks
2850 SW Yancy Street
POB 229
Seattle, WA 98126

If you are a convention or bookstore and wish to invite Terry to an event, contact Shawn at: shawn {at} shawnspeakman {dot} com

This website is maintained by Shawn Speakman. Shawn maintains the web presences for Terry Brooks, Naomi Novik, and David Anthony Durham, as well as writes for the Penguin Random House SF&F website Unbound Worlds, owns The Signed Page, and operates Grim Oak Press. If you have a question for him or a comment about this website, reach him at Facebook & Twitter.