Over the years, Terry has answered several thousand questions from fans via Ask Terry.

Some are great questions that even make Terry think for some time. Most are repeat questions though that have been asked again and again. The purpose of this Frequently Asked Question section is to highlight those questions and give fans—hopefully—answers.

Here we go!

Q: When does the sequel to Measure of the Magic publish?

A: There is no sequel to Measure of the Magic. The Legends of Shannara series was always intended to be a two-book set. The story wraps up nice and neat with the evil destroyed and a whole new world open to the inhabitants of the once protected valley. Terry plans on writing five more pre-Shannara novels that take place between Measure of the Magic and First King of Shannara. These books will likely include the first appearance of Dwarves as well as the formation of the First Council of Druids under Galaphile. More on this in the future.

Q: Why does chapter 25 of The Gypsy Morph just end in mid-word, with what appears to be missing text?

A: The sentence and chapter end in mid-word. Terry planned it this way and it is the exact same way in the original manuscript. He used a writing technique to showcase what happened to the chapter’s character, challenging the reader to figure it out. The reader is in the point of view of Fixit. As the boy is trying to re-activate the bomb that will blow up the bridge, the sentence ends in his mid-thought. The conclusion? The bomb went off, killing the boy and ending the stream of thought that Fixit was sharing with the reader.

Q: What is going on with a Shannara movie?

A: As of this moment, there is not going to be a Shannara movie. Instead, the Shannara series has been optioned for a television series similar in design to HBO’s Game of Thrones. Sonar Entertainment wishes to adapt The Elfstones of Shannara. Terry does have a level of control in this option and, while the project has not been greenlit into production yet, we hope good things will come of it. To read more about this, click HERE.

Q: What is going on with a Landover movie?

A: The Landover series was optioned by Warner Bros. and they currently have control of a live-action movie adaptation. To read more about this deal and who is involved, click HERE.

Q: What does Terry think about Steve Carell wanting to play Ben Holiday?

A: Terry thinks the possibility of Steve Carell being cast as Ben Holiday is a great idea. Many people only associate Carell to his comedic roles but he has a number of dark, dramatic roles that he has been fantastic in—Little Miss Sunshine and Hope Springs to name two. Ben Holiday is a complicated man, definitely a man who has lost a great deal and carries that burden on his heart. The actor who portrays Ben Holiday must be capable of bringing those emotions to the fore during a movie but also be able to react to the comedic aspects of Landover&mdahs;namely Questor and Abernathy. Terry believes Carell is perfect in that regard. More news when we know it!

Q: Will you write another Landover book set after the events in A Princess of Landover?

A: Yes, Terry plans on writing a last Landover novel. It won’t be written for a number of years though. Terry has other stories to tell first. But Terry has said if a Landover movie gets greenlit into production and is released in theaters, he will write that last book earlier than planned.

Q: Will you ever write another story featuring the Weapons Master, Garet Jax?

A: Garet Jax is a fan favorite. He appears in The Wishsong of Shannara and in an in-direct way within Indomitable and Dark Wraith of Shannara. Fans have wanted more of Garet Jax for over two decades now and Terry has been waiting for the right story to come along. It has. The Weapons Master’s Choice will publish in January 2013. It is a long short story that features the weapons master in a tale of his early career. Terry does have a few other short stories planned that might feature the weapons master. More on that as it happens.

Q: Will you ever write another story featuring the Druid Allanon?

A: Terry revisited the enigmatic Druid in Allanon’s Quest, a short story that takes place directly before the events in The Sword of Shannara. Beyond that, there are no plans to write more tales although that may change in the future.

Q: I am a new reader. Where should I start reading the Shannara series?

A: Terry suggests reading the Shannara books in the order they were written, not in chronological order. This is to prevent spoilers. Click HERE to read a comprehensive reading order list.

Q: Will Terry look at and critique my book?

A: Unfortunately, Terry has limited time to look at and critique other writers’ books. He does occasionally teach writing workshops and he is more than happy to critique work in those situations. Keep an eye on the Events page of the website for details when those opportunities arise.

Q: Why hasn’t Terry come to [insert city]?

A: Terry tours every year and visits different US cities and regions. Unfortunately, he can’t tour everywhere but makes the best effort to do so. Watch the Events page of the website for details where he will be next. If he comes to within a few driving hours of you, definitely go. He likely won’t be back for years.

There you go. Some of the most asked questions and some answers. If you have a question that differs from those above, definitely feel free to use Ask Terry!

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  1. A Princess of Landover appeared to start a new “generation” of Landover characters. Is there going to be more books in this series?

    Would you ever entertain Landover as a collaborative continuation like Robert Asprin had in the series called Thieves world?

    • Nope different words totally ya they has similar things in them magic and faeries and what not. but it by the same man so he writes what he likes to write

  2. Hello,
    I was looking at the FAQ page with the top 10 questions asked, starting with “When does the Measure of Magic sequel publish” and ending with “Why hasn’t Terry come to [insert city]”. I can see all 10 questions, but I can’t see where the answers are posted. Am I missing something, or is there a broken web link? There are some questions that I am very curious about.

  3. “Why does chapter 25 of The Gypsy Morph just end in mid-word, with what appears to be missing text?”

    I first read The Gypsy Morph in 2008, and was frustrated by that very same thing! Now that I am re-reading it again…I need an answer! Please help!

    • Hi there,

      I’m no expert, but from what I understood about that particular section of the book was that Fixit was speaking (and we were reading) in his mind’s eye. He knew how to fix the explosives on the bridge and (in his mind) he would – hopefully – be able to re-ach the other side of the bridge before it blew. But, we only read until his life was (sadly) cut violently off. Does that make sense? Correct me if I’m wrong! 🙂

  4. Just finished Wards of Faerie, love that the guide goes by the name Speakman. Our guide through all things Terry Brooks it seems. Thank you Shawn.

  5. . When was the last time Terry visited Toronto/Canada? I would really like to go ta an event sometime, but I can’t make any others so far. Thanks!

  6. Will any future Shannara books involve the expansion of the races to different continents such as Parkasia or will the stories primarily stay in the Four Lands?

  7. Funny story about books ending mid-sentence. I once grabbed a Robert Jordan book out of the clearance section of a national book store chain store. Fortunately, I opened it up and noticed the first 40 pages or so were missing. It appeared to be a misprint. I brought the book up to the store clerks and alerted them. I remained in the store for awhile browsing. The clerks put the book right back out onto the shelf…

    • Simple. If you read First King of Shannara before the other Shannara books, you will be spoiling the climax of The Sword of Shannara and two climaxes in The Heritage of Shannara series — those climaxes being the mysteries of what the Sword of Shannara does and what the Black Elfstone is used for. If you read them in the order they were written rather than chronological, you avoid those spoilers.

  8. Shawn
    First, Was The Dark Thorn your first writing project or was it a process where you started other projects that didn’t just didn’t feel right. Did the story line and idea evolve or does the finished project resemble your initial vision.
    Second, I read many different genres but I always come back to fantasy. I started reading the Shannara series back in the mid 80’s and I credit my love for reading to Terry Brooks.
    I just wanted to take the time to thank you for and all the other authors out there for giving us the opportunity to escape real life for a few hours each day.

    • The Dark Thorn was my second novel-length project. The first book has become — in my mind at least — a practice book where I made all of the mistakes a first-time writer makes and got them hopefully out of my system. The storyline evolved a bit from what it was originally. Actually, if you look at my first page of notes for the book, it evolved a lot, so much that I can probably revisit that first group of notes and write an entirely different book. But once I had my outline for The Dark Thorn, it was pretty much set in stone. Some minor changes but nothing drastic.

  9. Hi,
    I’m new to the Shannara series, it is wonderful! Terry does an awesome job of holding me on the edge of my seat and keeping me up way too late. I am especially intrigued with his use of names for his characters. The elven names sound in my head as though they were elven (Whatever that I imagine an elven name would sound like). My question is about pronunciation. Is there a listing somewhere of how some of them are pronounced? For instance Amberle? (Long EEE?) I am sure that I will encounter many others as I continue reading. Does such a list exist?

    • The short answer is, Terry doesn’t believe in telling people how to say names. Therefore there will never be a pronunciation guide. He wants readers to meet him halfway and that includes names. That said, you can go on YouTube and catch Terry at some of his events and hear how HE pronounces them. 🙂

  10. I understand from my son that you have quite a following in the prison where he is currently an inmate (FCI – Terminal Island, San Pedro, CA). Have you ever considered doing a reading or visiting those fans? They are avid readers as they have time on their hands. I’m on your site today because he’s seeking information on your next book.

  11. I don’t really have a question, just a comment. Thanks Terry. I started reading your books back in the 80’s when I joined the Marines. There was enough time in between my various trips outside the US that allowed me to enjoy the rich characters. Back on active duty with the Army since 2006, I have always traveled with your books, they allow me to put myself in another world at times when I need to forget about this one. From a grateful fan, thanks again Terry.

  12. Has Terry ever done a signing in Soutport U.K ? I bought Elf Queen from a reputable bookstore signed by him. Just wondering.

  13. I was looking at the reading list for veteran readers and wanted to know where in the chronology “The Weapons Master’s Choice” short story would fall?

  14. I just finished Genesis of Shannara, Gypsy Morph, I am just wondering what happened to Panther and Catalya. I hope they survived

    I bought Bearer of the Black Staff on sale, ordered the Measure of the Magic and then ordered all Brooks’ books online. I am almost done with the Shannara series. I Would have preferred to read it in chronological order: Word & Void, Genesis of Shannara, First king, Original Shannara, etc.

    • Reading the series for the first time chronologically spoils the ending of Sword and the Heritage series. Those people who read First King before Sword and Scions will have two very good stories ruined for them, I’m afraid.

      As for Panther and Cat, Terry reveals a bit about what happened to them in Bearers of the Black Staff.

      • I have read all the Word & Void books and the Shannara books chronologically several times, and I don’t really see the spoiler issues you mention.

        • If a new reader reads the books in chronological order, First King of Shannara spoils the climax for The Sword of Shannara and a partial-climax for the Heritage of Shannara series.

          If a new reader reads them in published order, they only spoil First King of Shannara. Spoiling two stories is worse than spoiling one story. Therefore, new readers should read the books in chronological order. It’s how Terry wants it done and his point of view makes logical sense.

    • There is a reading list on this site that Terry made himself. It works perfectly, coming from someone who has read this series multiple times 🙂

  15. I like the single-volume editions of the various Shannara series. Are there plans to publish a 3-in-1 edition for the Dark Legacy books?

  16. I have to admit though I’m an avid reader, I have never been a dark fantasy fan. But I came across sword of shannara. And I haven’t stopped yet. His shannara world is remarkable. Thank u MR Brooks. These books are incredible.

  17. Hello, I’m almost finished the Wishsong of Shannara and the next book on the reading list is ‘Indomitable’. I’m living in the UK and this book isn’t in the mainstream book shops, on Amazon it’s costing £116 which must be a mistake and Barnes&Noble only have it available in the USA, as an enthusiastic reader where can I find a copy of Indomitable?

    Thanks. Ally.

    • Hi Ally, Indomitable is a short story that is featured in the Legends II anthology edited by Robert Silverberg. You’ll have to find that book to read Indomitable, unless you want to read it via ebook. Happy Hunting!

      • Shawn- not sure you’re reading this, but do you mean, just above this comment, that the paladins of Shanarra will be released on paper at some point? I’m not sure when I’ll get an e-reader. But I am a pretty dedicated fan (I bought the Legends book to read Indomitable, at this point I’ve read something like 90% of Terry’s books at least once). I don’t like missing stuff like this- I’m sure they’re great stories.


  18. Forgive me if this has been asked and answered. But with Landover being a gateway to other worlds are/have there been plans to do a Shanara/Landover crossover?

  19. Hi Terry

    My first book, Night Walker, will be released on Halloween this year, and I wonder if you have any tips on hosting a successful book launch. I’m not very good with public speaking, preferring instead to sit and write. The concept to speaking to a lot of people is daunting, to say the least. You have been an inspiration to me for years now, and decided to follow my passion thanks to your work. Could you give me any advice on this?

    Thank you for your time,

  20. Why does the Reading List only include Shannara series books? Specifially, I am talking about the Word & Void series. I am rereading all the books in “new reader” order and while reading the Genesis series I had a strong feeling I missed something. Genesis kept referencing the characters of Word & Void. Maybe it should be added into the reading order prior to Genesis. Thanks.

  21. Jim, if I’m not mistaken, Goodreads has the books in chronological order, starting with Running With the Demon. I’ve begun to read the books again, in order this time rather than release date, and its so much fun to see the connections.

  22. Mr.Brooks are you commit to tn any time soon my dad is a huge fan and it’s almost his birth day and I want to get one of his books signed for him. He’s a huge fan and I would love it if you could help.

    Yours Trully, Cameron Smith

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