icon-redditI am sad to report that the Forum has come to an end.

Since January 1, 2000, the Terry Brooks website has featured a forum community where fans could gather and talk about an array of different subjects—from Terry Brooks books to other writers to current world news, movies, and other interests. The community became so close-knit that many members have met in the real world.

But social media like Facebook and Twitter have reduced our community’s numbers drastically. Forums are a dying world now. Yet the cost of maintaining such a Forum is high. While our moderators have fulfilled a great duty over the years and my long-time friend Shane DeSeranno has maintained a complex community through his coding brilliance, the Forum has now come to an end after almost 15 years of service.

I am sad about this. I’ve met some wonderful people via the Forum. Yet this is an opportunity too.

I have begun a Terry Brooks community on Reddit. Reddit is a social networking news website where registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links. Registered users can then vote submissions “up” or “down” to organize the posts and determine their position on the site’s pages.

HERE is Terry’s new sub-Reddit.

There is also a Facebook community for Terry’s Forum HERE.

This is the beginning. We will see how this works. And if anyone has any other recommendations, please post them in the comments section below. We have a Shannara TV show to talk about in the coming year and I definitely want to talk to fans about it!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Forum over the years.

You guys made it a second home.

  1. Kerry

    Does anyone have a copy of Casey Cosker’s ‘The Dinausaur Escaped From the Zoo’ they could send me? I can’t believe I did not print it and now it is gone.

    Casey’s mother
    Kerry Gross

  2. Elenwen

    Here it is:

    The Dinosaur Escaped from the Zoo
    A dinosaur escaped from the zoo. It was in all the papers. It wasn’t one of the larger ones, thank God, but people were still advised to stay indoors and only go outside when in groups. I was nine at the time, and highly impressionable. I wondered what it would be like to have a dinosaur eat me.

    I’d gone to see the dinosaurs at a zoo a few months before. My mother had taken me. We went through the big, open parts that held all the dinosaurs that didn’t eat meat. She held my hand as we walked through the gate which read “Dangerous Dinos,” and didn’t let go until we left. The dinosaurs I saw behind that sign were very scary. The great tyrannosaurus ate a cow in front of a startled and disturbed crowd. My mother almost threw up. What really scared me were the velociraptors. Their eyes were intelligent and everything they did suggested that, had they not been trapped behind several layers of steel bars, they would have enjoyed tearing apart every human being they found, and that they were perfectly capable of doing so. That was the kind of dinosaur that escaped from the zoo.

    Life didn’t change much after the dinosaur escaped from the zoo. I still went to school, and went places with my mother. The only difference I noticed was that people were a lot more nervous, like after the terrorists attacked. My mother held my hand more tightly, and the teachers at school kept glancing out the window at the new security guard. The authorities kept assuring people that they were hard at work catching the dinosaur. Nobody believed them. Riding the bus once, I heard people saying to each other that the police should have caught the dinosaur a long time ago.

    I saw the dinosaur just before they caught it. I was coming home with my mother after some errands. We were walking from the car to the front door. I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I turned and looked. There, just at the edge of our yard, was the dinosaur.
    It was elegant and beautiful. Its back was perfectly straight. Its right foot was raised, along with that wicked, curved claw. It seemed much more at peace than it had in the cage I’d seen it in before. It looked like it was about to kill us.

    My mother had already reached the porch. She turned and saw me staring. Then she saw what I was staring at. She screamed. The dinosaur flicked its head toward her and sniffed the air. It bobbed its head a few times. My mother screamed my name, and I ran toward her. She rattled the door, was fumbling with her keys but couldn’t find the right one. I was at her side, urging her on.

    The dinosaur turned, its whole body swaying menacingly. It settled down on its legs, getting ready to sprint. Its tail swished the air, like a cat’s.

    Finally, my mother found the right key. It slid in the door and she twisted. The door came open. She grabbed my by my shirt and shoved me inside. Then she followed, pulling the door behind her, and just in time. The dinosaur pounced on the walkway where we’d just been. It got up and looked at us through the window. It sniffed. It looked angry. My mother locked the door.

    She took me to the living room. I stared out the window. The dinosaur was circling our house, looking for a way in. My mother panicked and screamed for a while. When her head cleared, the phoned the police.

    The dinosaur kept wandering around our yard until the police came and shot it with a tranquiliser and took it away. I kept wanting it to run away and be free. It didn’t. They shot it and dragged it off to the zoo.

    I never saw a dinosaur after I saw the one that had escaped from the zoo. To tell the truth, I never wanted to.

  3. Jay

    I won’t be joining Reddit. I’m beyond disappointed that there didn’t even seem to be an effort to try and save the forum. I’m sure there was a lot more going on behind the scenes where all of us couldn’t see, but to the regular forumite it looks like the management just gave up on us. Almost a month of the forum being around but unusable and then coming on one day to find this message with what sounds like an “it cost too much” explanation. If money was the issue, a thread should have been started to explain that the forum was in trouble and I’m pretty positive the forumites would have rallied. I knew the day would come when it would be gone but a little warning would have been nice.

    I’ve been on this forum for 10 years and I’m going to miss all my friends (although, most of them have my email address and can keep in touch that way). As for the rest of you, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you and posting with you. The forum may be dead, but Word Games lives forever in my heart.


      • Jeff Webb (Archer)

        Aha, darnnit! I was going to come back and test the waters again to see if things had changed since I left. I dropped off the forum a few years ago because I felt very old next to most of the forum members. I was very active in the days of Holly, Goofy, Shyliekay, Grimpond, Undemeil, Stormwillow and others. I thought there might be some chatter about the MTV series.
        I’m on facebook most of the time and I keep up with my old internet TB Forum friends there.
        I’ve read just about everything that Terry Brooks has written and because of this forum I got to see and read the writings of Shawn Speakman and I am eager to read more.
        Adieu TB Forum. Gone but not forgotten.

    • Jason (aka Cadder)

      A little warning? The writing has been on the walls for the last four years. Plenty of people noticed it too.

      Like Shawn, I’m also rather insulted. I wasn’t going to reply, but your comment… Do you really think we wanted to see the forum go away?

    • Shane DeSeranno

      Hey Jay… for many years, the moderators and particularly myself and Shawn donated our time, effort, and money to ensure the forum was a fun and safe community dedicated to sharing the excitement we have for Terry’s books. However, maintaining a website takes a lot of work and we did our best to keep it up and running. GoDaddy started enforcing a limit on the database size that would have required us to either move to a new hosting service, or delete more than 75% of the posts to make it usable again.

      Sadly, when you weigh the volunteer costs versus the reward, the costs (not just money) are finally outweighing the reward in this case. I hope you realize this was a decision that Shawn and I came to on our own, and if you want to vent on anyone, please do so at me.


      • Shawn Speakman

        This has nothing to do with Shane. While I admire him for throwing his body on the sword, this was entirely my decision. The Forum traffic has severely waned in the last two years. Spending thousands of dollars a year and countless hours of free maintenance from Shane for only 20 members who post every day is poor economics. Especially when we can build communities on those social platforms that have stolen our members and still stay in touch. It just requires people to adapt. Some people are good at that. Others — obviously — not so much.

        No one is sadder about all of this than I am. I started this website 18 years ago. It holds in a place in my heart deeper than anyone here, I guarantee that. I didn’t come to the decision lightly. But it is the right one.

        • CWiles

          I guess I am at a loss as to why you wouldn’t go to the community. The forums could have been hosted elsewhere for far less money. I could have hosted them on my server for free, really. Especially with that kind of traffic.

          Of course godaddy would be charging like crazy… that’s what they exist to do. It seems rather sad that at the least the database couldn’t be shared with others so that the information in the forums could at the least be archived.

      • Jay

        I wasn’t meaning to offend anyone with my post. I was just letting you know what it looked like to some of the people that posted there. As I said in my original post ” I’m sure there was a lot more going on behind the scenes where all of us couldn’t see”. I knew there had to be some reasoning behind it, but nothing was shared with the forum before the shut-down.

        Cad, I honestly don’t think you can say the writing has been on the wall for the past four years. The posting frequency is constantly fluctuating. Yes, it’s been dropping lately, but can you really honestly tell me that four years ago you thought to yourself “well, this place is doomed”. No. Otherwise, why would you have even volunteered to become a mod?

        • Jason (aka Cadder)

          I can remember four years ago quite well and my memory is sincere and honest. I was still working in an office at the time and my wife was a couple of months pregnant. I remember quite well how I was starting to notice that the summer slump wasn’t bouncing back as well as it used to and hadn’t been for a year or two.

          I had a job that didn’t demand a lot of time and I was on the forum all of the time, only I wasn’t posting as much in threads all day because people weren’t leaving me posts to reply to every 5 minutes, like in past years. I was very much in denial because I figured I would still be on this forum well into my old age, never guessing it could end one day.

          As a mod, I was tasked with approving new memberships. All new members were on moderation until approved, thanks to all of the spammers that started posting like mad on the forum with links to this or that website wanting you to buy stuff. You can also thank the porn attack we had for that moderation. Anyway, I watched a decline in membership over four years. Yes, we had members signing up, but they were only posting once and then never returning. I could look at their profiles and see the last time they logged in. The sub-forums that dealt with Terry’s books pretty much died several years back. Even threads about a newly released book were getting almost no posts. General Discussions, Word Games, and Other Authors were the last hold outs.

          Why did I continue to be a mod, even after seeing the decline? That’s really simple. It’s also rather sad that I have to even explain this. I continued to mod, despite the decline, because…
          – I love Terry’s books.
          – I love the community and the people that made the forum what it was. Without which I wouldn’t have the majority of the real life friends I have today. People I consider to be some of my best friends.
          – I hoped beyond hope that the forum decline would reverse and we’d be back to the glory days when going to the restroom meant missing an entirely epic discussion.
          – this is the only community I’ve ever joined where I felt like I was one of the cool kids and a part of a genuinely special group.

          Jay, losing the forum hurts. I think we’re all mourning it at least a little bit. Which is proof that we had something special. I just hope that our move into social media will grasp and contain at least a bit of what made the forum special.

  4. Kerry Gross

    Thank you so much for this; I was taken by surprise with the forum closing and haven’t been working since Casey passed so have not been able to print up a lot of the things on line that I want to preserve. We had gone to a zoo when he was small and there was a dinosaur exhibit that looked so real it scared me too. We didn’t stay in that exhibit very long as I recall. I loved this story. I wasn’t really a forum member per se but enjoyed the posts about Burkshifter that I have read since his passing. I know it was an important part of his life. I checked it out when he first started and could see it was nothing to be concerned about. Years later when he would come home I would glance at his laptop and see he was still participating. I do remember trips to the bookstore to buy those Terry Brooks books among others. It was very comforting to hear all of the members’ remarks about him. Best to you and many thanks, Kerry Gross kgross1175@sbcglobal.net
    Our ‘celebration of Casey’ is July 26th here in Ledyard, CT if you know anyone interested. It is in Sawmill Park with reception at our home after across street. Our home is open to Casey’s many friends.

  5. Jeff (Fwanger)

    This forum was one of the first things I ever visited on the internets. Breaks my heart to see it go. I understand the reasoning for it but doesn’t mean I or any of the others that had to say goodbye to it like it. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it over the years guys. It’s terrible this had to happen right when Terry’s popularity is higher than ever due to the upcoming tv show. See you in the internets! We still will have game nights!

    The fwangiest paperboi you’ll ever know


  6. Anthony Cirilla

    Sad news – I was never a member, but I did read the conversations. Will there be an archive to preserve the threads? But it makes sense – it becomes a bottomless hole of money and time for increasingly diminished returns. Don’t be too upset by people’s expressions of hurt feelings, Shawn – all it does is show what a fine job you’ve done, and Shane as well. You’ve helped to expanded the legacy of Shannara, something to be proud of. But an archived account would be great!

  7. Hayley (Teacake)

    Thank you to Shane and Shawn for keeping the forum going for as long as you have, it was a wonderful place and sad to see it end. Word games was my favourite section so that was where I posted most of the time, I think all of us word gamers will miss that the most it was an online home in an online home to us. Anthony is right, hurt feelings just means you did a great job.


  8. Anonymous

    I understand that all good things must come to an end… I’m not here to argue, just to say that a forum wide message that it was shutting down would have been better than going on one day and being redirected to this….

  9. Darla aka Wolf

    What can I say? I’m heart broken. This was the first forum I’ve ever joined and I have found none to be its equal. Shawn and Shane, you guys did a tremendous job keeping the place up and running. Thank you also to all the mods who helped make it great. I am honored to have been a member. I will miss all of you or at best, hope to see you on the Reddit site. I’ll be looking at it once I’m done here. I’m still in shock and have to admit that although some say the signs were there, I was oblivious. But I understand the need to move forward and I take comfort in the fact that I’ve already “Liked” Terry’s Facebook page and have been following it ever since I knew he had one. Shawn running the site as he did this forum and doing a great job.

    Best Wishes to you all.


  10. Kent Johnson (Bek Ohmsford)

    As much as it pains me to leave, I can’t stand Reddit. I’ve had some wonderful memories of the forum over the last 10 years and I hope to see more activity on the Facebook site. Thanks Shawn and Shane for all your hard work. You guys have put in more work than anybody could have ever asked of you.

    Rest In Peace, TBF.


  11. Joseph (Revolvery)

    So sad to see this forum go. It has been my go-to place for fantasy discussion for the past few years, but I certainly did notice the discussions dying out recently. This is a purely hypothetical question but do you think the new TV show might have driven traffic back to the forum? I know that happened at Westeros with Game of Thrones, but they had pretty high traffic to begin with. I want to thank Shawn and the rest of the staff for giving us a great place to talk about fantasy for so many years, and am sure that I will see many of you on other fantasy sites, Facebook, and Goodreads.

    Joseph (Revolvery)

  12. Roland of Gilead

    Well, I’m glad to see an explanation, even if it’s a sad one, as my being so tech-challenged, I thought it was just me not able to access the forum.

    Anyway, it’s been fun – I’ve been around a long time, twice with long gaps in between posts, but I was always “re-welcomed” with open arms.

    This forum was one of the first in which I participated, and it was great just discussing books with people who understood the appeal of fantasy and science fiction – in my personal life, such folks are almost non-existent, and this was a wonderful place to visit and voice my opinions.

    Shawn, good luck in your future writing endeavors. And keep beating the big C’s butt. You’re an inspiration!!

    Likewise to the rest of you fledgling authors as well as to all of you readers and fans. Take care and I wish you all the best.

    Roland of Gilead

    • Revolvery

      Roland, if you still want to discuss fantasy fiction more generally I would recommend the forums at SFFWorld. http://www.sffworld.com/forums. Sign up and send me a PM (I use the same screen name) and we can also hook up on Goodreads with some fellow TBFers. I would hate to lose my Other Authors reading buddies! Hope to hear from you.

  13. spasticcolon

    Shawn (and Shane and all mods past and present),
    I’m disappointed and sad to see the forum go, but most of all want to say thank you for everything you put into the forum while it lasted. I enjoyed my 10 years thoroughly, and enjoyed every conversation, reading suggestion, discussion thread, and argument. Thanks for creating a place where I could make so many connections and learn so much from the great members over the years. I’ll miss my daily stops into the forum to post, but even more the times where I simply read what others had written. Thanks for introducing me to so many great books and authors – my life is richer for the time this forum was around.

    • Revolvery

      Spas, if you still want to discuss fantasy fiction more generally I would recommend the forums at SFFWorld. http://www.sffworld.com/forums. Sign up and send me a PM (I use the same screen name) and we can also hook up on Goodreads with some fellow TBFers. I would hate to lose my Other Authors reading buddies! Hope to hear from you.

    • Doug M.

      Spas … Roland … love to stay in touch with you guys if at all possible (even if sparingly). Lots of book (and sports) talk over the years. I’ll truly miss that. King Grub, too.

      You could sign up on reddit–even if it’s just to send me a message about where else you might hang out on the internet.

      DiapsonDoug on reddit
      Doug on Goodreads (https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/19370643-doug)
      @BushyCritic on Twitter

      Hope the conversation’s not over.

  14. Nathan (XMAN)

    Thank you all for the many years and great deal of effort that went into the website. As someone who has been a member here (and through several previous forum versions), going back to the mid 90’s, it is a sad day to see this happen, despite the best efforts of all of those involved.

    Nothing stays the same, we do not live in a static world, and hopefully the new format and tools available will prove as successful over the years as this has.

  15. olddirthill

    Thank you Shawn and everyone who donated their time and money to the forum. I posted here and there from time to time and really enjoyed the latest news I would find here. See you all on the facebook page.

  16. Alan ( Grimpond )

    The end of the Forum deeply saddens me, I feel like half of the internet just got ripped off. Being a long time forumite I have come to see everyone there as my second family, as many know I would not have met my wife if it hadn’t been for the TB Forum.

    I know it was getting a little slow and attracting fewer new members but as shazz said above it would have been nice to discuss this in the Forum, even if it meant deleting 75% of it to do so. At least that way we could have had time to find alternatives and say our good buys to those who don’t have Facebook and don’t like the idea of Reddit.

    Shawn has said on the Facebook page there will be no archive of the Forum, not even the book related sections, which is a real shame. With all the new attention Terrys work is going to receive with the TV series it would be nice for new readers to be able browse through some of the discussions and theory’s regarding the World of Shannara. There has been a lot of wise words in those threads over the years it would be a shame to lose it all.

    Well I suppose all good things have to come to an end and I would like to thank everyone who made the TB Forum the nicest place on the web. I know as a few have said above there is a lot of time and effort involved in keeping it like that so I hope all the Mods are in tip top form, because if the subreddit does take off they will need all their weapons at the ready.

  17. Gavin (aka Argan)

    Just want to add another thanks for Shawn and Jason and everyone else who made the forum the community that it was. Although I did not post as much the last couple of years, I still checked in almost everyday. What an awesome forum, but I also noticed how inactive it was compared to the first few years I joined. It’s sad, yet understandable.

  18. bowmanelf

    Just when MTV picks up Shannara this happens one would think it might bring others to the Terry Brooks attention and forum. So where can we find updates since I am not into the social media bug just too old to give out that much personal info to be a member to these and this forum was much easy and no concerns about using your info for marketing..

    I guess it is time to not look forward to the Terry Brooks Books been buying them for 20 years and the last 5 been pre-ordering them guess it is time to end my Terry Books reading with little info and here has been the best source for updates new books coming and long await MTV Stuff I will pass on following it guess it is time to move on as others talk about!!!

    Oh well so much for long time customers won’t be joining Reddit either…

    And it was good but I guess nothing last today even with all the “technology” And I was just introducing a nephew to the Shannara Series. Guess that is ended as well… Since there is lack of good info on these books now! One source now no source that is nice and simple place to get this information!


  19. bowmanelf

    Just check on my Pre Order for The Darkling Child: The Defenders of Shannara which was be out and available in Aug 2014 well now it is July 2015 something has happened first the Forum is gone and now this book is on held for almost than a year. I thought it was a bit strange that Mr Brooks would release 2 Shannara Books in a Single Year, I guess that was just premature Advertising but I guess now that te forum is GONE we have to eway to learn what or why this is happening. Coincidence maybe but hard to see when First the Forum is gone and no advance Warning but I guess you have to read into anything today but now a book that was available back in December 2014 and to be out to the Public Aug 2014 is now not July 2015 and no longer available. Too much of a “coincidence” and a bit strange from what we have expected because it never happen before and not place to learn more but I guess there is now no place to ask or learn more so again too much of a “coincidence if you ask me!!!

    Oh well maybe just need to cancel this book and leave the first in this series on the shelf just started reading it and was really looking forward “The Darkling Child” guess it is time to stop and not worry about buying books that are now postpone and no reason given again too coincidental !!! Oh well that is how things work today no reason just no longer available till July 2015…

    Guess it is time to move on as the Forum has…


    • Shawn Speakman

      Read the website. The reason for The High Druid’s Blade and The Darkling Child‘s change in publishing dates is well documented on this website in the News section earlier this year. If you were reading the site, you would know why.

      Not sure what “coincidence” you are referring to. And the Forum was never the main news vehicle — this website is. If you miss the Forum, maybe you should have encouraged people to use it more.

  20. Roland (Harry Dresden)

    Of all the people who feel sad about the end of the forum I feel most sorry for Shawn. It was kinda like his project and he was always an active writter on the forum.

    But I can understand why the forum had to go. A couple of years ago it was the source for information about Terry or about other stuff but the last year of so there were only a couple of people using it. I still went there and made a post once or twice but even so it was going downhill fast. So I am sorry to see it go but it is the right thing to do. And I just posted my first reaction on the new “forum”

    Just one thing Shawn. Will you put a link to the new “forum”here on this site anytime soon?

  21. Cindy (lastbookworm)

    Wow, cant believe this place is shut down. I haven’t really been on here in a few months, life got so busy since i moved back to Germany, but will always remember this place and some of the great people i got to meet thru here.
    Anyone want to keep in touch can e-mail me (lastbookworm@gmail.com)

    I will really miss this place.

  22. Michael MacDonald

    Can anyone help me? Nearly finished the high Druids blade and I am loving it but I have one question – how did the Stiehl get back to paranor??? In jarka ruus, Shadea a’Ru gave it to the creature Aphasia Wye and he was devoured by the vine monster surrounding the island where the Tanequil was……as far as I can remember there was no other mention till this book????

  23. Chris aka NiceGuy

    well this sucks.. ive been one of the longer standing members on here before the forum existed and we would all just join the chat room every night. sad to see it finally go. maybe it will entice me to look into reddit and whatever else

  24. Roland van Gent

    Hey Shawn,

    Hope you forgive the question but what could be the reason that the old forum died? I ask this because both Tad Williams and Brandon Sanderson still have forums and looking at the number of members who do participate they do not have the same problem Terry’s forum had.

    Also is the reddit working out? I do not see a lot of reactions on it but perhaps that is my lack of understanding this network?

  25. Andree


    So glad I had a chance to pop in near the end. I especially enjoyed reading some of the older posts. And having a chance to “meet” folks who have been long-time Brooks fans.

    I’d only read the first book, Sword of Shannara, until looking around after reading it a couple times. I came across this site, and was thrilled to discover there were more books. Many more books. MANY many more books. I ordered them all. And I read them all. In what was probably record time for me.

    I had not only the pleasure of the books, but the ability to check in some of the older threads on the very books I was reading. I liked that very much.

    I’m definitely not a Facebook person, and won’t join it. Reddit I don’t quite get. Ha!

    I had hoped that the traffic here would pick up monumentally when Elfstones is shown on MTV. That perhaps there would be others like me, who suddenly learn there are so many wonderful books, and will want to join in conversations as a result. Perhaps that will occur on the Reddit or Facebook areas?

    I’ve only read them through once, other than Sword, so I still have lots to discover on a second and third reading.

    Much success wished for the MTV series and to the Reddit and Facebook pages.

  26. Wizz

    “I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve….”

    Its been a slice! Thanks for the years everyone.

  27. Peter

    “You can’t go! All the plants are gonna die!”

    And here I thought you Northwesterners loved nature, what with your rain and Tree House guy.

    Understandable. Even technology has to take a back seat to technology. Looks like you all have given me a reason to check out Reddit.

    Just don’t get rid of the Signed Page. If that happens…shudder…

  28. G

    all I have to say is THANKYOU to Sean and all the Mod that worked on the forum. if it hadn’t been there I would never have went to see Terry, or really understand how much of a community we had. I’m older so I guess my thoughts of this change are a little different than many, it was fun while it lasted, but everything has an ending, through my years I’ve seen plenty of those… fortunately we have other avenues with google+ and face book, so it was great meeting everyone on the site and hopefully many will keep in touch on the alternative sites.

  29. Jared

    I know I am a little late in hearing about this but I am so terribly sad the forum was closed. I had been a member for a few years I think a started about 07. I haven’t been on it for the last 1 or 2 since I was going though a burn out of sorts not just Terry but fantasy all together. I simply had to just step away from all aspects the genre for a little while. But I continued to buy Terry’s books and putting them on the self knowing that one day I would get around to them. I just finished reading the Dark Legacy final 2 books and was wanting to discuss more about them. I will try the facebook community and see how that goes. I hope some day we can have another great place to discuss and talk about everything Brooks.

  30. Max_Q

    I feel bad about being away so long that I just recently found out about this. I probably could have provided a solution to the costs(monetary and technical)/hosting problem.

    It was a pleasure getting to know and chat with everyone over the years, despite real life often getting in the way of being a regular all the time.


  31. Shades

    Never posted much to the Forum, but enjoyed reading them for the past decade or however long it was since I signed up. Thanks Shawn and all the mods for all the effort to host and keep the Forum going for so long. I am and always will be a huge Terry Brooks fan and just reading all the posts y’all made gave me many happy memories.

  32. Sean Snyder

    NO! It was just a baby! Not even old enough to drink! Why, God? WHY?!

    Seriously, though, I’ll miss the good ol’ days. I’ve not been a member for the whole time, just the last four or five years, and even then I wasn’t a regular poster (I’m not a regular anything other than tea-drinker), but I do have fond memories on this forum.

  33. Ellie

    I noticed I still had this link on my bookmarks bar. I just went through and read all of these comments. I miss you guys. I joined this forum when I was 13 and it ended when I was 24…. I literally grew up with you guys. Some of my very best friends are from TBF and some of my best memories.

    Here’s to you all. It will be 2015 in just a few hours. Happy New Year, TBF family. <3


    The greatest spoiler ever- AmberleElessedil-TheEllcrys


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