Landover Reading Order

Terry is best known for his Shannara series.

But the fourth book he wrote in his career was Magic Kingdom For Sale-Sold!, the first book in a new series that has been coined Landover. Landover quickly gained its own devoted following as the first three books of that series published. Now it is comprised of six novels and two short stories.

Here is the reading order for Landover:

  • Magic Kingdom For Sale-Sold!
  • The Black Unicorn
  • Wizard at Large
  • The Tangle Box
  • Witches’ Brew
  • A Princess of Landover
  • An Unfortunate Influx of Fillipians (short story in Small Magic)
  • Don’t Tell Dad (short story in Small Magic)

Terry does plan on writing one more book in the series but is looking for the right time to do so. Currently, he’s writing other books he’s been wanting to write for a very long time.

Happy reading Landover!