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  • Terry Brooks Chat

    The Terry Brooks chat today went very well! Terry was in rare form and it was great seeing him and Peter V. Brett answer questions from their fans. To read the chat transcript, click HERE!

  • Online Chat: August 25th

    Next week on August 25th, Terry will be holding another online chat with his fans, this one with author Peter V. Brett! Terry and Peter have known one another for a few years. They met for the first time at NY Comic Con. Peter is a huge fan and wanted a first printing copy of…

  • The Chat Transcript

    I have finished reorganizing the transcript from yesterday’s B&N Facebook online chat between Terry and his fans. Click HERE to read it. During the chat, Terry talked a lot about what he is writing at the moment—the first book in the post-Straken trilogy. So for those of you interested in that series, definitely read the…