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  • Pre-Order: THE DARKLING CHILD Signed

    Pre-Order: THE DARKLING CHILD Signed

    The Darkling Child by Terry Brooks is publishing on June 9, 2015! It is the second volume in the Defenders of Shannara, a set of books that lead into the final Shannara trilogy that Terry will begin writing next year. Like The High Druid’s Blade, the story centers around Paxon, inheritor of the Sword of…

  • The Bloodfire Quest Tour

    The Bloodfire Quest Tour

    Bloodfire Quest will be published March 12, 2013! And with the new book comes a new tour! Terry will be hitting the road for Bloodfire Quest, the second book in The Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy, meeting his fans and signing thousands of books before it is done. For those of you who haven’t gone…