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  • BrooksBlog: Music – Part 2

    So, anyway, the point of this blog and the one preceding it have to do with a discussion of the role music plays in writing for this author. I have already established that I grew up listening to classical (my Mom’s influence) and rock and roll (peer pressure and the times). Not to listen to […]

  • BrooksBlog: Music – Part 1

    Hi Everyone, Judine and I are in Tasmania for a week and a few days prior to attending two venues of Supanove in Melbourne and Gold Coast. This part is a real opportunity to wind down from writing the third Shannara book before going into the last. I had some opportunities to write on the […]

  • BrooksBlog: Water & Writing

    BrooksBlog: Water & Writing

    How does water affect you? As a writer, I find – for reasons I don’t entirely understand – that it has a very positive creative effect on me. I get many of my best ideas and come up with solutions to some of my most troublesome problems when I am in the shower. It must […]