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  • BrooksBlog: Music – Part 1

    Hi Everyone, Judine and I are in Tasmania for a week and a few days prior to attending two venues of Supanove in Melbourne and Gold Coast. This part is a real opportunity to wind down from writing the third Shannara book before going into the last. I had some opportunities to write on the…

  • Tentative Supernova Schedules & Details

    Tentative Supernova Schedules & Details

    Terry and Judine are traveling to Australia in April for two Supernova conventions! Here are details about what Terry will be doing at each one.

  • SHANNARA On MTV: Glowworms & Hobbits

    SHANNARA On MTV: Glowworms & Hobbits

    Dear Readers, And, I should add hopefully, future viewers. I think you will be once you’ve seen what’s coming. But for now, the latest report from the fringes of New Zealand. Yesterday, Sunday here, was the close of the three day holiday, and Judine and I took the day to go off to the Glowworm…

  • SHANNARA On MTV: A Day Off With The Actors

    SHANNARA On MTV: A Day Off With The Actors

    Greetings from New Zealand, Having survived a hectic day 1, we had time off on day 2. So there is no report to give you except that we walked around Auckland and ate good food. Today, Saturday, is day 3, and this was another day off because we are in the midst of a very…

  • SHANNARA On MTV: Filming Begins

    SHANNARA On MTV: Filming Begins

    Dear Readers, Am now in New Zealand on site for filming the Shannara series. This is the start of a daily report on what is happening with the time Judine and I are spending as visitors to the film sets and outdoor sites. Will send along what pictures I can, but as you can probably…