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  • Poll: What Character Deserves a Full-Length Novel?

    Poll: What Character Deserves a Full-Length Novel?

    Character drives narrative. When Terry was at Powell’s Books on August 15th, he was asked about whether or not he had any plans to write a book about the King of the Silver River. Terry gets this question a lot, especially if you can insert a different character name into the question. He answered the […]

  • Unfettered EBook Launched

    Unfettered EBook Launched

    Unfettered is here. Well, at least the digital version is! The physical hardcovers should arrive today if the freight company is to be believed. 5000 copies. A lot for a small press. The proceeds from sales go toward alleviating the medical debt I garnered from treating cancer two years ago. I am happy to report […]

  • Poll: Walker Boh or Allanon?

    Poll:  Walker Boh or Allanon?

    Yesterday, I spent the day working on Unfettered. Unfettered is the fantasy anthology that I am putting together to help pay off the medical debt from my bout with uninsured cancer in 2011. There are 23 short stories in the anthology, written by some of the best authors working right now. If you love fantasy, […]

  • Video: Terry Talks About Unfettered

    Video: Terry Talks About Unfettered

    Two days ago, Terry got in front of the camera to talk about Unfettered, the 2013 short story anthology featuring some of the best fantasy writers working today! Terry has two different contributions. The first is Imaginary Friends, the precursor to Running with the Demon, a Word/Void short story that was initially published in 1991—six […]

  • Buy Now: Unfettered

    Buy Now: Unfettered

    You define life or it defines you. In Shawn Speakman’s case, it was both. Lacking health insurance and diagnosed with Hogdkin’s lymphoma in 2011, Shawn quickly accrued a massive medical debt that he did not have the ability to pay. That’s when New York Times best-selling author Terry Brooks offered to donate a short story […]